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Discover the Futuristic Living Experience at Forest City: Property for Sale in Malaysia

Welcome to Forest City, a visionary development that offers a unique and futuristic living experience in property for sale Malaysia. Developed by Country Garden Pacificview Sdn Bhd, Forest City is a smart and green city spanning four man-made islands, covering an impressive 30 square kilometers. Let’s delve into what makes this development truly exceptional.

Integration of environment, technology, and cutting-edge design

Forest City stands out for its seamless integration of environment, technology, and cutting-edge design. The city has been meticulously planned to create an ideal living and working space ecosystem. One of the key features is the vertical greening, where building facades are covered with plants, giving a forest-like ambiance. This innovative approach not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to a healthy and sustainable environment.

Pro-business policies and government incentives

Forest City offers a thriving business environment, thanks to its pro-business policies and exclusive government incentives. Many key industries have already committed to setting up their operations here, which further boosts regional economic growth. As an investor or business owner, Forest City provides an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this dynamic landscape and benefit from the supportive business environment.

Independent island development and enhanced security

Forest City distinguishes itself through its independent island development. By building the city from the ground up as separate islands, Country Garden Pacificview has had the freedom to create a unique urban landscape and key elements that foster an ideal living environment. This development approach also enhances security and privacy, offering residents a sense of tranquility and exclusivity.


Forest City in property for sale Malaysia presents an extraordinary opportunity to be part of a smart and green futuristic city. With its integration of environment, technology, and cutting-edge design, Forest City offers a distinctive living experience. Moreover, the pro-business policies, government incentives, and the presence of key industries make it an attractive investment destination. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious residence or a thriving business venture, Forest City has it all. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this visionary development that combines the best of nature and innovation. Explore the property for sale Malaysia’s Forest City and embark on an extraordinary journey of futuristic living.

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