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Five games to build trust in elementary school

If you manage to catch the sheet – the child becomes the new host of the game. Variation of the game: each subsequent leader can tear the sheet in half and use these reduced pieces in the game. This somewhat complicates the task for the participants.

  • Telegrams


Students choose a word for each letter of which you want to come up with a part of the telegram. The first letter will be the beginning of the first word, the second – the second, etc. For example, chose the word “poem”. Then the telegram can be the following message. Another round of the game is adding genres. Each player is given the task to write not one, but several telegrams from the same word – business, congratulatory, romantic (the types of messages are agreed in advance). The telegrams are read aloud, and then the next word is chosen.

How it works

Helps to develop imagination and increase vocabulary.

  • ABC


Divide the children into groups of four. Give each group four letters. They should be different for each team. Task: for three minutes, children should invent and write down as many words as possible that begin with these letters. After the allotted time, the children read what is written, and the class counts whose team did the best. Those who remembered the most words will win.

How it works

Children learn to perform tasks in situations of limited time, work in a team, be creative and listen to each other.

  • Find items


It is advisable to play this game before the end of the lesson. Form four groups of children. Give each group a piece of paper with the colour written on it. For example – grey, red, blue, green, orange and yellow.

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Each team receives a colour that is different from the colours of other teams. Task: in three minutes to bring items of the colour indicated on the card. It is good to determine in advance the place for things in the classroom for each group. You can sort them by the corners of the room. This will avoid confusion and save children time. The winners are those who have the most items.

How it works

Students learn to distribute roles, to distinguish things according to certain criteria, to work together on one task. The game allows children to move and change learning activities.

  • Catch if you can


Students stand in a circle. In the middle of the circle is a student with an A4 sheet. He raises his hand with the sheet up, quickly calls the name of someone in the circle and lets the sheet fall freely. The task of the named student is to quickly pick up the sheet until it touches the floor. If this is not possible, the first student remains the leader. He calls someone else in the circle.

How it works

The game promotes concentration and the development of coordination of movements. And also teaches to solve problems creatively, because you can catch the sheet with your palms or improvised materials, hold it with a jacket or foot. There are many solutions, so every child can find something that will be comfortable for her. Although the task of the game is designed for individual performance, the game enhances the sense of team in each of the players.

  • Think who it is?


This is a game to develop speech and increase vocabulary. It is better to spend at the beginning of the lesson. The children are divided into two or three teams. Task: the teacher names any adjective, and asks him to come up with and write a noun. For example, “tomato”, “ice”, “silver”. Answer: “juice”, “heart”, “fish”. Each team reads the answers. The winner is the one who has found more words and has no repetitions. Option: the children suggest the words, the teacher writes them on the board. And then he reads, as if “lost” by one word in nouns. For example: “tomato heart, ice fish”, etc.

How it works

Children learn to work together on a task, choose the right word form, and creatively use synonyms.

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