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How to Apply Eye Shadow and Eyeliner

A woman’s eyes are perhaps the most beautiful feature of her face. They have a life of their own, they express emotions and feelings and when light up, they put a glow on your whole face. While we are all gifted with beautiful eyes, our fast lifestyles, poor habits and irregular routines tend to take a toll on our delicate eyes, leaving them dull and sometimes even with dark circles under them. This is where eye makeup can do wonders for your eyes, by highlighting them and correcting their flaws.

However, unlike face makeup, eye makeup is not easy. This is because while doing face makeup your canvas is vast, giving you ample scope and space to experiment, but when it comes to eye makeup you have to be extra careful as eyes are a comparatively smaller and delicate canvas. Overdoing your eye makeup should certainly be avoided but knowing what is too much only comes from regular practice. Try to invest in good quality makeup products. Quality products will make the task much easier and a lot more fun

Choosing the right eyeliner and eye shadow

It is important to carefully select your eyeliner and eye shadow. Here it is important to select colors in the same color combination or color range. You could also match your eye makeup to your overall skin tone. For example, if you are not particularly fond of heavy makeup and normally just wear tinted moisturizer or concealer, then the best eye shadow colors would be nude, beige or shades of brown for day wear, if you are fair and plum. Use tan or berry if you are whitish in complexion.

Applying eye makeup

First things, first! Always tweeze and shape your eyebrows before starting your eye makeup. Then wash your face well, especially around the eyes and pat dry. Never scrub the area under and around your eyes too harshly, as it is bound to backfire and in worst cases lead to skin breakage. Next, apply your foundation and blend it well from your hairline to your jaw line, including around your eyes and over your eye area. Now, delicately dab some matching concealer in your under eye and surrounding area. Next, dust some tinted or translucent finishing powder on your face and let it set for a moment. I always recommend applying primer, concealer, foundation and powder and then work my way downwards towards the rest of my face

Applying eyeliner

Once your eye shadow is done and set, you can start with applying your eyeliner. Eyeliner is a must for eye makeup, because irrespective of the size and shape of your eyes, it can ensure that your eyes stand out and look stunning. In fact, many women don’t fuss with eye shadow and go straight away for eyeliner. The best way to apply an eyeliner pencil is to line your upper and lower eye lashes at their very base. Always start at the inner corner of your eyes and draw along the lash line outwards. Here you can use a thin or a thick line depending on the look you are going for.

Dos and don’ts of eye makeup

Since eyes are such a delicate part of the body, every form of makeup you apply on or near them has to be of good quality and tested first. While using an eyeliner pencil, ensure that it is not too sharp or too blunt. If you don’t have an eye pencil sharpener handy, and have to choose between a sharp and a comparatively blunt pencil, always go in for the blunter one. This is because using such a sharp eye pencil is always a hazard, to the extent that even experts with practiced hands, blunt them on a tissue or surface before applying them. This will make the application easier where the eyeliner is soft enough to simply glide on.

Also, if possible, explore the idea of liquid eyeliner as these are great alternatives to using a pencil. Such eyeliners are soft and silky smooth so they can never hurt your eyes, should your hand occasionally slip or slide. Plus, such eyeliners have an added advantage where they offer more variety of metallic shades from which to choose from. You should sharpen your pencils and clean your brushes after every client to keep it clean. Never use a wet makeup brush, as that would never give the desired matte look you need

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