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Optimizing Efficiency with the Tianlong Gentier X3 Series Real-time PCR System

There is no field doing genetic or molecular biology research that does not rely on the PCR thermal cycler. An essential step in many fields, including genetic engineering and disease diagnostics, these high-tech tools are essential for amplifying DNA sequences. The Tianlong Gentier X3 Series Real-time PCR System is an outstanding choice for those seeking accurate, efficient, and budget-friendly PCR results.

Flexible Thermal Blocks

The Tianlong Gentier X3 Series Real-time PCR System is designed with unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to control three independent thermal blocks within a single PCR system. This unique feature enables researchers to run up to three different protocols simultaneously, each on a 32-well block, maximizing the utilization of the PCR thermal cycler. This flexibility translates to significant time and budget savings, as scientists can now perform multiple experiments in parallel without the need for additional equipment.

Improved Throughput

The Tianlong Gentier X3 Series Real-time PCR System’s ability to handle up to 3×32-well samples simultaneously is a game-changer for high-throughput laboratories. By leveraging this advanced technology, researchers can now process a larger number of samples in a shorter timeframe, dramatically improving their overall productivity and efficiency.

Precise Temperature Control

Accurate temperature control is crucial for the success of any PCR experiment. The Tianlong Gentier X3 Series Real-time PCR System excels in this regard, boasting exceptional temperature control accuracy and uniformity across all three thermal blocks. This level of precision ensures that each sample undergoes the exact thermal cycling conditions required for optimal DNA amplification, leading to reliable and reproducible results.


In short, the Tianlong Gentier X3 Series Real-time PCR System is a cutting-edge solution that redefines the standards of PCR thermal cycler performance. By combining unparalleled flexibility, improved throughput, and precise temperature control, this innovative instrument empowers researchers to optimize their workflows and achieve remarkable results. As a trusted brand in the field of molecular biology, Tianlong continues to push the boundaries of PCR technology, delivering innovative solutions that drive scientific progress forward.

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