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What do you need to know about online acquiring from Onchainpay.io with the acceptance of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument no longer surprise anyone. Many online stores, businesses and online services accept altcoins to pay for goods and payments for services. Therefore, cryptoprocessing is becoming more and more popular among enterprises. The onchainpay service is used to organize acquiring. And payment is made not with the help of traditional classical payment systems, but with cryptocurrency.

The onchainpay service offers decentralized acquiring services, which significantly increases the level of transaction security. Most importantly, it makes the use of the system by companies as transparent as possible.

The main advantages of OnChainPay

The dynamics of non-cash online payments is developing dynamically. Annual turnover is estimated at billions of dollars. The decision in favor of decentralized acquiring is obvious. Firstly, there are no registration fees, no hidden taxes. In addition, all transactions are instantaneous. Other advantages of OnChainPay are the following features:

  1. It has the own fraud protection system, detects fraudulent transactions and automatically rejects them.
  2. The program is easy to install. You can place it yourself on any site by choosing a suitable template.
  3. It is possible to work with any country in the world. Payments are accepted by cryptocurrency without restrictions.
  4. It has minimal risk of system failures, overdue payments. This is due to cooperation with various service providers.

OnChainPay service is suitable for any online business. For example, it is relevant if you need a cryptographic solution for games, for an online store, for an exchange platform for fiat and digital currencies. The service offers its customers the lowest commission – no more than 0.5% per operation.

How to start using OnChainPay?

First, you need to register. To do this, use your email address on the website onchainpay.io . The platform interface is intuitive and simple. You can set additional parameters in the settings. For example, choose the type of currency, automatic conversion, etc.

To configure it you need to read the detailed instructions on the official OnChainPay website. However, if you have any difficulties, you can always contact the support service. Give them access to your site and they will set it up for free. As a result, you will be able to start accepting payments and invoices.



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