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A Lighthouse for Future Warehousing Industry: ForwardX AMR

Many frontier firms around the globe turn to ForwardX Robotics for supply chain and warehouse automation solutions. These organizations include SF DHL, Itochu Logistics, TCL, and others. Numerous industry headquarters customers have benefited from their solutions, which have reduced labor expenses by more than 50% and increased productivity by more than 200%. To increase the effectiveness of the items selection process, they are committed to developing AMR solutions. Check out their cutting-edge offerings.

Exceptional Level of Research And Develop

More than 150 engineers work for ForwardX, a corporation with over 300 employees, 10 of whom have Ph.D. or higher. Over 100 patents have been issued to ForwardX internationally, and more are in the pipeline.

This R&D team of top computer vision scientists and robotics experts has won more than 20 CV (machine vision), AI (artificial intelligence), and robotics competitions worldwide, including the best paper award at ACM Multimedia 2013, the gold award at TAAI, and two first places in NIST for TRECVID pedestrian monitoring. It also won first place in IEEE VOT-RT multi-object tracking, Market-1501, and ViPER datasets with an accuracy of 95% and first hits, respectively.

From “Developer of Disruptive Innovation” to “Multi-Scene Application Master,”: Speed Up the Industry

ForwardX has established itself as the industry leader in AMRs by entering into close partnerships with numerous Global 500 enterprises.

Although the industry for mobile robotics is still in its infancy, according to ForwardX, there is still a ton of space for growth because the automation of manufacturing execution systems (MES) and warehouse management systems (WMS) is already well-developed.

In addition, ForwardX collaborates closely with a wide range of hardware suppliers, related automation vendors, and distributors to ensure ongoing innovation and growth because it recognizes the value of creating solid strategic partnerships to guarantee that its solutions can be implemented more adaptable.

Visit the official website of ForwardX for additional information about their outstanding AMR products.

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