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Finland’s Company Aiven received a large investment of $100,000,000 in series C financing

These days, open source software is very popular. It’s a trend that is spreading across the globe. Open source is becoming more popular because it’s cheaper and faster.

It is very complex and requires a lot of maintenance. This Aiven can be used.

Aiven was developed in 2016 to manage companies. It supports AWS, Google Cloud Platform Azure, Digital Ocean and UpCloud. Users can freely move data between clouds, or adopt multi-cloud approaches.

VentureBeat spoke with Oskari Samarenmaa , co-founder and CEO of Aiven. He said that customers can use his platform to choose their data. It is not tied to any vendor or system but can be moved from one cloud to the next.

Helsinki-based is an innovative startup that works with many companies across different sectors. It also has many high-profile clients such as Comcast and Toyota.

Doubling down:

Aiven received an investment in the amount of $ 50 million. These investments were made possible by many new investors, including Atomico, European VC juggernaut and founder of Salesforce Ventures. He also participated in the World Innovation Lab, IVP, and Earlybird Venture Capital.

They plan to make use of all the funding available to expand the market. It also aims to bring new products onto the market that can meet the needs of customers.

It plans to create a dedicated open-source office.

Redis Labs and Confluence are other notable investors in the industry. They gave $350 million to them last year in order to help them commercialize open-source projects. MongoDB was also publicly traded, and Salesforce-owned Heroku is the same. Aiven is constantly trying to distinguish in many ways. Saarenmaa stated that in open-source, there is a clear line between friendship and rivalry. Aiven has always sought to create a technology that is different from other technologies.


In the last few years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the commercial open-source realm. Companies that have begun to use open-source projects decide to enforce stricter licensing restrictions in order to protect their data. Let’s take Elastic, a private company that developed the open-source NoSQL database Elasticsearch and Kibana, the data visualization dashboard Kibana. To illustrate, licensing arrangements have been implemented. It is done so that cloud service providers cannot offer certain tools “as a service”.

Saarenmaa states that it supports only community-backed open source products. It does not close off its products with restrictive licenses like some of its rivals. He said that open source is the best technology available and they will continue to support and develop it.

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