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From Raw Materials To Finished Product: Understanding WPC Production Line

The production line is a manufacturing process in which raw materials are transformed into a finished product. Get the low down on the WPC Production Line and how you can take advantage of it for your floor production!

What is a WPC Production Line?

The WPC production line is a new type of equipment that has been developed in recent years. It is mainly used for the production of floors. The WPC production line comprises several parts: an extruder, a die, a cooling system, and a haul-off system. The WPC production line can be used to produce a variety of WPC products, such as decking, fencing, and siding.

How does a WPC Production Line work?

A WPC Production Line is a machine that creates all kinds of floors. WPCs are made by combining wood flour or chips with plastic pellets or flakes in a ratio of 60:40. The pellets are melted and then extruded through a die to create long strands of material. These strands are then cooled and cut into pellets, then fed into a WPC extruder, where they are heated and extruded into the desired floor shape. Finally, the finished floors are ready for shipping or storage.

Benefits of the WPC Production Line

The WPC Production Line is mainly used in the production of floors. First of all, It can increase productivity. The WPC Production System can produce up to twice as much product per hour as traditional methods. Second, It can reduce costs. The system’s modular design requires less investment up front, and its efficient use of materials results in lower production costs. Finally, It is also be used to improve product quality. Finally, the WPC Production System produces products with superior dimensional stability and surface finish.


The WPC production line is a versatile and efficient way to produce floors. With this technology, you can create various products with different shapes, sizes, and colors. For example, if you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to produce floors, the WPC production line like Boyu Extruder is worth considering.

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