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Instructions for Playing Idle Game Play to Win for Newcomers

Ta La, also known as Phom, is a popular card game and loved by many people. To achieve victory, players not only need to clearly understand the rules of Ta La but also must use calculation skills and intelligence to win against their opponents. This paragraph New 88 will show you how Play the game I Am Simple and easy to understand!

A few things about the game Ta Li

Have you heard about Ta La, also known as Phom – an interesting game using a standard Western deck of cards with 52 cards, attractive to 2 to 4 participating players. Each participant will randomly receive 9 cards to start the game.

Cheating not only requires luck but also requires a strong mentality and a reasoning mind. To Play the game I Am  To win, players must handle situations wisely and strategically. Therefore, this game attracts the love of many people, especially those who love challenges and the feeling of “red and black” in life.

The rules of playing the game you need to know to win

Bai Ta La, an interesting and popular card game, attracts players of 2 or more people. Each player receives 9 cards at random, while the dealer (or the previous winner) receives 10 cards. The round proceeds clockwise, starting with the player with 10 cards.

As soon as they receive enough cards, the player must arrange the cards so that they have cards and phoms. Jack is 2 or more cards of the same value or 2 consecutive cards of the same suit. Phom is from 3 or more cards of the same value or from 3 consecutive cards of the same quality. For example: three numbers 3, 4 (diamond), 5 (diamond), 6 (diamond), 7 (diamond). The more phoms and cards in the card, the higher your chances of winning.

People Play the game I Am  There are 10 cards that will be played first, putting 1 trash card on the table. If the next player on the right can eat the trash tree to create phom, he will eat it immediately and play next to the person next to him. If he cannot win, this player must draw 1 card from the Node (where the drawn card is placed) before playing his trash card.

Terms you need to know when playing Ta Li game to win

When participating Play the game Ta La, mastering the gameplay is extremely important, but you also need to remember basic terms to advance in this game:

  • The deck of 52 cards is divided into numbers (A, 1 to K) and suits (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Spades).
  • Po: Two cards combined with another half to form phom. Cards can be the same number or value and can be of the same suit in a row or in a row. For example: Horizontal cards are 8 (Road) and 8 (Heart) or vertical cards are 7 (Hearts) and 8 (Hearts).
  • Phom: Have at least 3 cards of the same number.
  • Eat: When the player in hand needs to have a card paired with that card to form phom. However, this contact cannot be located in another phom.
  • Spin phom: Use 2 cards to win a card.
  • Score: Total score of cards in hand.
  • Lower round: The player picks the tree from the pile (N – 1) (N is the number of players).
  • Burn, snout: When the cards are down and the player has no phom.
  • Junk: These are odd cards that cannot be matched to any good phom.
  • U: You have 3 phoms in your hand.
  • Temple: When a player plays 3 cards but is eaten by the person next to him.
  • ù khan: When comparing cards and the player does not have any cards or phoms in hand.
  • Send: When defeating phom, players can choose a junk card in their hand to send to the player whose phom is linked to your junk card.

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Instructions on how to play the game Ta La for new players in the simplest and most detailed way

Play the game Ta Li It’s not difficult, just follow the steps below New88.

The dealer goes first, playing a junk card from his hand.

  • The other players play in descending order and must play cards in turn. If you don’t want to play or can’t play, you can choose to “face down” your cards.
  • If two people play the same card, the person who plays first wins. The next person can take that card and combine it with the cards in their hand to create phom.

  • If the next person does not win or cannot combine, they must pick 1 card from Noc, then play 1 more trash card. This process keeps repeating until someone is buzzed.
  • The player busts when the hand has 3 phoms and only 1 trash card left or when all the phoms are used to calculate points, their score is 0.
  • If after 4 rounds no one wins, compare the scores to find the winner. The person who does not have phom in hand will lose.


So New88 shared with you all information about how Play the game I Am  The simplest and most detailed. Hopefully through this article, you can apply itall Play to win billions of dollars!

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