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Introducing the Hoymiles HMS-1600-4T: A Power Generation System with Cutting-Edge Features

Hoymiles introduces the HMS-1600-4T microinverter, a powerful solution designed to optimize the power production of rooftop solar stations. With the ability to connect up to 4 panels, each microinverter features independent MPPT and monitoring functionalities, ensuring maximum energy generation. Additionally, the new Sub-1G wireless solution enables stable communication with the Hoymiles gateway DTU. This article highlights the key features of the Hoymiles HMS-1600-4T microinverter, emphasizing its safety compliance, stable communication, and advanced power optimization capabilities.

Enhanced Power Production with Independent MPPT and Monitoring

The Hoymiles HMS-1600-4T microinverter is equipped with independent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and monitoring functionalities. With independent MPPT, each panel connected to the microinverter operates at its maximum power output, even in the presence of shading or mismatched conditions. Independent monitoring allows for the identification of underperforming panels, ensuring optimal power production and efficiency for the entire solar installation.

Safer Operations with Rapid Shutdown Compliance and Isolated Transformer

The HMS-1600-4T microinverter prioritizes safety in rooftop solar stations. It complies with rapid shutdown requirements, allowing for the quick and safe shutdown of the solar energy system during emergencies or maintenance needs. Additionally, the isolated transformer ensures electrical isolation between the microinverter and the grid, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and enhancing safety for installers and users.

Stable Communication with Sub-1G Wireless Solution

Hoymiles integrates a new Sub-1G wireless solution into the HMS-1600-4T microinverter, enabling stable communication with the Hoymiles gateway DTU. This advanced wireless solution ensures reliable and uninterrupted data transmission, even in commercial and industrial settings. The stable communication allows for real-time monitoring, data retrieval, and remote control, providing users with comprehensive visibility and control over their solar energy system.


The Hoymiles HMS-1600-4T microinverter is a high-performance solution that maximizes power production in rooftop solar stations. With independent MPPT and monitoring functionalities, each microinverter can connect up to 4 panels, optimizing energy generation. The microinverter prioritizes safety with rapid shutdown compliance and an isolated transformer, ensuring safe operations. The Sub-1G wireless solution enables stable communication with the Hoymiles gateway DTU, facilitating real-time monitoring and control. By leveraging the advanced features of the HMS-1600-4T microinverter, users can enhance the performance, safety, and efficiency of their solar energy installations.

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