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Navigating the Depths: Wet Extrusion Unveiled with Boyu Extruder

In the intricate realm of plastic extrusion, wet extrusion emerges as a nuanced technique, where the dance of heat and pressure crafts products of precision. Unlike its dry counterpart, wet plastic extrusion necessitates an external heat source, such as steam, injected directly into the extrusion barrel. This unique process unfolds as material undergoes a delicate balance of preconditioning and steam infusion, all the while facing considerable pressure. It is this pressure disparity that orchestrates the aquatic ballet of wet extrusion, especially evident in the production of aquatic feed.

Wet Extrusion Unveiled: Temperature, Pressure, and Precision

The essence of wet extrusion lies in the artful management of temperature and pressure. Through meticulous preconditioning and steam injection, Boyu Extruder‘s wet extrusion process creates an environment where material transformation occurs with finesse. The external pressure differential between the plastic extruder and the surrounding environment propels the wet extrusion of aquatic feed, showcasing the delicate interplay of elements harnessed by Boyu’s expertise.

Contrasting Realms: Wet vs. Dry Plastic Extrusion

Drawing a sharp contrast to wet extrusion, dry plastic extrusion is a realm where heat is an inherent byproduct of mechanical energy. Unlike wet processes that rely on external heat sources, dry extrusion generates heat internally through the frictional forces within the barrel and the mechanical interplay of surfaces. Boyu Extruder excels in navigating both realms, offering a comprehensive understanding of the subtleties that define each process.


Why choose Boyu Extruder for your wet extrusion needs? It’s not just about machinery; it’s about a commitment to environmental sustainability and product quality. Boyu’s wet plastic extrusion equipment ensures an eco-friendly approach, producing floor materials that are not only of top-notch quality but also free from formaldehyde and heavy materials. When efficiency and excellence converge, Boyu Extruder stands as the beacon for reliable plastic extrusion manufacturing and complete production lines. Choose Boyu to navigate the depths of wet extrusion with precision and purpose.

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