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Nest thermostat doesn’t cool: 10 solutions [that worked for me]

Unexpected problems can be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. It’s possible for the thermostat to suddenly switch on and off.

There are many reasons your nest thermostat may not cool.

After a power outage, your nest might not cool to the desired temperature or the thermostat isn’t turning on.

The nest thermostat isn’t cooling.

If your nest thermostat is not working properly, it can cause the thermostat to stop cooling down and make unusual sounds like clicking, stuttering or chattering.

These reasons are why your nest isn’t cooling.

  • Insufficient power supply
  • Broken or dead battery
  • Dirty filter
  • Faulty compressor.
  • Leakage or blockage of the air conduit.
  • It’s possible that the thermostat’s wiring may be loose.
  • Problem With C-wire or Common.
  • Circuit breaker fault.
  • The Software for Nesting has been discontinued.
  • Incompatible systems.

This could explain why your nest thermostat doesn’t cool. Let’s now examine the possible solutions.

What to do if your thermostat isn’t cooling down?

Check your energy history if your nest thermostat doesn’t cool.

This guide shows you how to fix a nest thermostat.

Fix 1: Check your wifi internet

Connect your nest thermostat with the internet. Connect your nest thermostat to the internet using your nest app.

If there’s no internet, your nest thermostat will not be able connect to the app. The temperature of the nest might not drop to the set point.

It is important that your nest thermostat be connected to the internet.

Connect your Nest thermostat to the internet

  • Use the “menu” button at nest.
  • Select “Wifi” from the “settings”.
  • Now, click “Connect to a New Network”.
  • Refer to the instructions on the nest thermostat for connecting to WiFi.

2 – If your battery is dead or low, replace it.

Power cuts can cause a thermostat to stop cooling. Check that the battery is fully charged.

To check your nest battery:

  • Now the nest application is open.
  • Choose the nest thermostat device that you wish to test the battery.
  • Lift up to check the battery status for your nest thermostat.

To charge your nest thermostat, you can use a USB cable. Simply take the display off and connect it to the USB port.

1: Check the nest thermostat wiring 2

If the thermostat is not cooling to the desired temperature you will need to inspect the wiring.

Check that the wiring to your nest thermostat is working properly.

  • Unplug your nest thermostat’s power socket.
  • The nest displays should not be removed
  • Make certain that the Common wires are properly connected to their terminals.
  • Wire any wire that is damaged or loose.

It is important to note that nest thermostats require the Common wire (or C) wire. If the C-wire is damaged, nest thermostat cooling can be stopped.

4. Check the wiring with an old nest thermostat

You will need to remove the nest thermostat wiring if it isn’t working correctly and then install the new thermostat.

The nest must work correctly. This indicates that the wiring is in good order.

It is necessary to replace the thermostat with a new wire, and check that it works properly.

5. Verify that the nest device is compatible with the cooling system

The nest thermostat may not work with your cooling system.

The nest thermostat can’t be used with cooling systems that use high voltage or solid fuel cooling. A transformer can be used in a low-voltage cooling system.

Nest thermostats may not work with high-voltage cooling systems.

Nest thermostats are compatible with low-voltage cooling systems.

6 – Get your nest thermostat

You can reset your thermostat if it isn’t cooling. This will increase your internet connectivity.

It’s worth it to reset your nest thermostat.

Turn off the power supply to your nest thermostat. Let it rest for five minutes. Connect it to the power socket. The device will continue to work.

The Nest app can be used to set up your nest thermostat.

  • Now the nest application is open.
  • Select the thermostat that you wish to reset.
  • Click on ” Settings
  • Click ” device information“.
  • Click ” Restart

These steps will help you to reset your nest thermostat.

7. Verify that the Tripped Circuit Breaker switch is off

The nest thermostat must function properly if the circuit breaker is tripped.

How do I proceed?

  • Check the circuit breaker box for a tripped fuse.
  • Locate the switches in the “off” position.
  • Now, switch the switch to “ON”, “OFF”, and back to “ON”.

This will turn off the trip breaker, and your nest thermostat should begin cooling.

8 It is possible that your air handler has a problem.

HVAC systems require an air handler. The thermostat communicates with it by sending signals such as changing fan speed or decreasing temperature.

If the nest thermostat isn’t cooling correctly, it will.

These are the things to do if your air handler stops working.

  • If your air filter is not working properly, replace it.
  • Inspect the blower motor to make sure it isn’t damaged.
  • Evaporator Coils that are dirty should be changed or cleaned.
  • Recheck the wiring and repair any damaged wires.

9 – Factory reset for nest thermostat

After trying all the suggestions, your nest thermostat might not be cooling. Factory reset your nest thermostat.

All settings and adjustments will be lost if the thermostat is reset to factory default.

Nest thermostat is reset by the factory

  • To see Quick View menu, press ring button.
  • Continue rotating the device until “Settings” appears.
  • Select “Reset” in the settings menu and then click “restart”.

10: Disable the auto-schedule

Your nest thermostat’s auto-schedule feature allows you to set the temperature that suits your needs. This will prevent your nest from cooling down properly.

To disable automatic nest thermostat scheduling:

  • The Nest App is now available.
  • Choose the nest thermostat.
  • Select settings.
  • Go To Auto-Schedule.
  • To disable auto scheduling, click the switch.

How do I factory reset my Nest thermostat to its original state?

It’s important to look into all possibilities for why your Nest thermostat isn’t cooling.

It may be possible to reset the entire factory.

Open NEST on your smartphone.

In the top left corner of your screen, you will see

Choose the thermostat that you wish to have removed from multiple homes.

Choose the thermostat that you wish to remove from the app screen.

Scroll to the top right corner and click on “Settings”.

Scroll to the bottom.

Select an option to confirm the red color for your thermostat.

Please click to confirm. Your Nest account has been deleted.

How can I force the nest thermostat to lower?

These steps will adjust the Nest thermostat’s temperature.

  • Open NEST on your smartphone
  • Use the dots at the upper left corner.
  • Choose your thermostat (check that the heat/cooling modes are selected)
  • Select the Hold Temperature
  • Keep doing this until your thermostat is set to the temperature you prefer


This guide should help you troubleshoot your nest thermostat.

Turn on the thermostat to cool off.

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