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Prepare your house for moving

Moving is a long process that needs to be carefully planned. Choosing moving company to help you may be an arduous process, and you may need to visit site several times to make sure their services are exactly what you need. When th econtract is signed and date for moving is set, it is worth preparing your home for the move. By sticking to a list of actions, you can spend less time and nerves on preparation. Of course, in each individual case, you will have to change the scheme, but below we will describe the general steps.

Tidy up: sort through all the things at your disposal and get rid of unnecessary and broken ones. You can throw them away, give them away, donate to a charity, or try to sell them if you have time. This way you will have less things left, which means you can pack and transport them faster. It will also make your new home more organized. While you are at it, fix the condition of your belongings so you can be sure they won’t be damaged in transit.

Get ready in advance: first of all, pack paintings, vases and other decor items, as well as books and out-of-season clothes. Do not forget to sign the boxes – give them a number and indicate in which room this or that item should be located.

Be systematic: the advice above can be used for every room. Label all boxes – for example, “dresses, bedroom1” or “plates, sideboard, living room”, so you won’t lose anything and unpack faster in a new place.

Prepare supplies for packaging: buy or find boxes for things and electronics, wrapping paper, tape, packing tape, bubble wrap.

Protect fragile items: use bubble wrap or wrapping paper to wrap fragile items such as glassware, crockery, and electronics. Pack them tightly in sturdy boxes, use something soft to fill the space in the box if necessary – like towels or stuffed animals – and mark the boxes “fragile”.

Disassemble large items: if you have large items such as beds or tables that need to be disassembled, do so ahead of time. Keep all screws and bolts in labeled bags and tape them to the appropriate piece of furniture.

Prepare your plants: If your flowers are moving with you, water them generously a few days before you move, and prune dry or damaged branches and leaves. Move plants in special containers and make sure that they do not overheat. In a new place, you will first need to unpack them and let them get used to the new environment.

Utilities notification: Contact your utility providers to inform them of your move and arrange for your services to be turned off or transferred to your new address. Change your address with the post office and any other relevant agencies.

Clean your apartment: Before you move out, be sure to thoroughly clean your apartment. This includes wiping surfaces, vacuuming and mopping floors. You may also need to schedule professional cleaning if required by the lease. This can also be a nice gesture for the next tenant.

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Take photos: take photos of your apartment before you move out to document its condition. This can be helpful if you have any disputes with your landlord or property manager regarding a deposit.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth transition and start enjoying your new place sooner.

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