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Relationship status between Chris Evans and Selena Gomez

What’s the situation with Chris Evans and Selena Gomez. They haven’t been married so they aren’t. Do we need to start thinking about cute names for our couple right away or wait? These thoughts have been floating around the internet for several weeks and serve an important purpose. Although there is evidence that links the Captain America star to the Only Killings in the Tower, neither side has yet to address it.

Some recent reports have been discredited, but there are still fan theories that Sel and Chris might be Hollywood’s next it-couple. There are many people who still have questions about what’s going on with Chris and Selena. This is everything you need to know about Selena’s rumored romance with Chris.

Rumours of selena Gomez and Chris Evans dating and kissing are back stronger than ever. To support Taylor Swift’s Saturday Night Live debut, Sel wore a white cable knit pullover sweater. This revived rumors of their alleged romance. Taylor shared a TikTok video of her best friend, prompting social media investigators and initiating an inquiry.

Chelena hopefuls raced to social media platforms to draw attention to the similarities between Sel’s SNL top (above) and Chris Evans’ pullover from Blades Out (below). Both Chris and Selena have not confirmed or denied the latest reports in their usual Selena-Chris fashion.

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