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Reliable AED: Manufactured by Mindray

CPR and AED are two key modalities for resuscitation in cardiac arrest. Mindray, a professional AED supplier from China, introduces how to perform first-aid properly in the face of sudden cardiac arrest.

The right way to resuscitate a cardiac arrest patient

One of the most important ways to effectively resuscitate a cardiac arrest patient is to use manual external cardiac compressions to keep the blood circulating and provide oxygen to the vital organs of the body to prevent organ failure and brain death.

However, it is not enough to use hands-on compressions as a temporary substitute for a pounding heart. How to make the heart beat again as soon as possible, is exactly where the AED is useful. Therefore, CPR and AED together are the right way to give first aid to a patient in cardiac arrest.

With this in mind, a reliable AED of consistent quality is the key. Mindray is an expert in this area.

The correct operation of Mindray’s AED can greatly improve the success rate of first aid.

Firstly, turn on the AED, open the cover of the AED, and follow the visual and audible cues.

Secondly, attach the electrodes close to the patient’s chest at the appropriate location.

Next, start analyzing the heart rhythm and defibrillate if necessary.

Lastly, follow the instructions of the instrument and wait for the arrival of medical personnel.

Check the official website of Mindray for detailed information about their reliable AED supplies.

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