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Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: Yutong Bus&Coach’s Electric Mini Bus Solutions

Yutong Bus&Coach, a leading international supplier of buses and coaches, is at the forefront of transforming urban transportation with their cutting-edge electric mini bus solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Yutong is revolutionizing urban mobility by offering efficient, eco-friendly, and passenger-centric vehicles.

E7S: Redefining Urban Micro-Mobility

Yutong’s E7S stands tall as an urban micro-mobility electric mini bus, redefining the way we navigate bustling city streets. With a length of 7 meters and a class-leading wheelbase, the E7S offers exceptional maneuverability, effortlessly adapting to various road conditions. Its impressive turning diameter of less than 17 meters ensures easy navigation through narrow urban spaces, making it a perfect choice for congested city centers.

Real-time Monitoring for Uninterrupted Operation

To ensure worry-free operation, Yutong has equipped the E7S with a full-time monitoring system. The traction battery undergoes real-time monitoring, allowing any abnormalities to be promptly detected and reported. This proactive approach enables timely maintenance and minimizes operational disruptions, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient urban transportation experience.

Embracing Sustainable Urban Mobility

Yutong’s electric mini bus solutions embody their commitment to sustainable transportation. By leveraging new energy technology, these buses produce zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner and greener cities. The E7S is powered by a high-capacity battery with 134 kWh, enabling long-distance travel on a single charge. With Yutong’s electric mini buses, urban commuting becomes not only convenient but also environmentally friendly.


Yutong Bus&Coach’s electric mini buses are transforming urban mobility landscapes with their innovative and sustainable solutions. The E7S, with its exceptional maneuverability, spacious interior, and uncompromised safety standards, takes center stage in redefining micro-mobility in cities. Yutong’s commitment to sustainability and passenger-centric design ensures a greener and more comfortable commuting experience for urban dwellers.

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