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The Next Era of Mining Truck Tires: Techking’s ET668

In the demanding realm of mining, reliability is paramount, and the choice of tires plays a pivotal role in operational success. Techking introduces the ET668, a mining truck tire that is setting a new standard for excellence. This article explores the tire’s revolutionary features and the benefits it brings to the mining industry.

The ET668: Innovating Tire Performance

Mining trucks operate in some of the harshest conditions, making tire durability and performance crucial. The ET668, a TBR (Truck and Bus Radial) tire, rises above these challenges with its advanced features:

Unrivaled Heat Management and Chipping Resistance

Techking’s tire engineers have designed the ET668 with a unique horizontal groove and a shoulder “U”-shaped groove, bolstered by thicker rubber between steel belts. This innovative design significantly reduces heat generation during tire operation, resulting in an extended tire lifespan and enhanced resistance to chipping.

Safety Above All: Explosion-proof and Slip-resistant

Safety is paramount in mining operations, and the ET668 prioritizes it with its horizontal pattern design, preventing slipping even on challenging terrains. The tire’s reinforced tread design adds an extra layer of safety, providing explosion-proof performance—a vital feature for mining environments.

Why Choose the ET668?

The ET668 is built to withstand the toughest mining conditions, offering a longer tire life and unwavering reliability. With superior slipping resistance and explosion-proof capabilities, this tire prioritizes safety in mining operations. Lower heat generation ensures that the tire maintains its high performance over extended periods, reducing downtime for maintenance. Longer tire life and reduced maintenance contribute to significant cost savings over time.


Techking Tires’ commitment to innovation shines through the ET668. This tire redefines performance in the mining industry, offering unparalleled durability, safety, and reliability. When the mission is to equip your mining fleet with the best, the Techking’s mining truck tires stands as the tire of choice, heralding a new era in mining truck tires.

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