Tips From Linxingpinechem: What Turpentine Is Used For

Linxingpinechem is a company that manufactures a variety of pine-based chemicals, including turpentine, used in various industries to create various products. In this interview, Linxingpinechem tells us what turpentine is used for and some of the benefits it offers.

What is Turpentine?

What is turpentine? And what is turpentine used for? Turpentine is a byproduct of oil refining and is most commonly used as a solvent in painting and varnishing. It is a colorless, volatile liquid with a strong odor. It’s also used in metalworking, printing, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. Turpentine has a strong odor and can cause skin irritation if inhaled or comes into contact with the eyes.

Turpentine used in electronics

Turpentine is most commonly used as a solvent in electronics, but it can also be used in other industries, such as paints and varnishes. It has multiple uses in electronic manufacturing and can be found in many products that use semiconductors, such as computer chips. When used as a solvent, turpentine dissolves the polymer coatings on electrical components, allowing them to work properly. In paint and varnish applications, turpentine helps reduce the number of solvents needed and speeds up the drying process.

Turpentine used in fragrance

Turpentine is a volatile organic solvent that is commonly used in fragrance production. The oil is extracted from the pine tree by distillation and then used to create fragrances. Turpentine can be found in products such as cologne, laundry detergent, air fresheners, and paint. Turpentine has a sweet, woody odor and is often used with other fragrances to create a desired scent; and can also remove unwanted scents from objects such as clothes or furniture.


Linxingpinechem focuses on supplying high-quality turpentine products with a focus on sustainability. Turpentine products are made from 100% natural resources, including sustainably harvested pine trees. Additionally, all of Linxingpinechem’s turpentine is cold-pressed to reduce the release of harmful pollutants into the environment. If having any demands about pine chemicals-related products, welcome to contact Linxingpinechem.

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