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Top 10 RAM Brands in India for Computer/PC/Laptops

Everyone who uses a computer, laptop or computer should be familiar with RAM. Random Access Memory is the full name of RAM. RAM can also be described as a location on a computer or laptop that stores the OS (operating system), the applications and data. This allows the device’s processor to quickly grasp the information. It can also be read/written much faster than other storage options in the computer, such as solid-state drives (SSD), hard disk drives (HDD), and optical drives. The data or information remains in the RAM until your computer starts to work. The data is lost when the computer is turned off. When the computer is powered on again, all other files and the operating system are loaded into RAM. Users can increase the RAM module capacity up to a certain limit by using as many computers as they wish. The RAM modules can be increased in capacity by increasing the number of computers.

There are many RAM options available in India. Below we have listed the best ten RAM for your computer/PC/Laptops.

10. Lenovo

Lenovo is one the most successful companies in the electronics and computer hardware industries. In Beijing, China, is the main headquarters of Lenovo. This company was founded in 1984 by Mr Liu Chuanzhi.

9. Samsung

Next on the list is Samsung, a Korean electronics and computer hardware company. It is becoming more and more well-known all around the globe. Samsung is currently a well-known manufacturer of RAM. This company was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul.

8. Transcend

Transcend, a Taiwanese business located in Taipei (Taiwan), is Transcend. The company is known for manufacturing memory products such as RAM. Other than RAM, this company also makes graphics cards, portable media players and portable hard drives. Transcend was founded by Peter Shu in 1988.

7. Hynix

Hynix, a South Korean company that makes RAM, is called. It was established in 1983. The original company name was Hyundai Electronics Industries. However, it later changed to Hynix. Hynix is a well-known name in the semiconductor industry. It is actually the world’s largest provider of DRAM. DRAM is the abbreviation for Dynamic Random Access Memory.

6. Kingston

This American company produces memory products that are computer-linked, such as RAM. Its main headquarters are located in California’s Fountain Valley. Although it is an American company, it was able to obtain logistic services in many countries such as Taiwan, China, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

5. Mushkin

Mushkin ranks as high as RAM as one of the most successful companies. This company’s main goal is to ensure that its products can significantly improve the performance of PCs worldwide. Mushkin was essentially established in Eagle Wood, Colorado.

4. OCZ

OCZ was founded in 2014 on 21 st Jan. Ralph Schmitt is the current CEO of this company. The OCZ Technology Group was the former name for OCZ Storage Solution. This company is currently recognized for manufacturing SSDs. San Jose, California is the headquarters of the OCZ.

3. Micron

This RAM manufacturing company is well-known for creating semiconductor devices like flash memory, solid state drives, and dynamic random-access memories. Micron Company was founded in 1978. Dennis Wilson, Doug Pitman and Ward Parkinson were the founders. Joe Parkinson was also a founder.

2. G.Skill

G.Skill International Enterprise Co. Ltd. was founded in 1989. This firm is a leader in the manufacture of high-end PC merchandises and RAM memory goods.

1. Corsair

Corsair Components Inc. is the top-ranked name on the list. This is an American computer Hardware Company that was established in Fremont, California in 1994. This company provides high quality RAM and computer accessories such as laptops and PCS.

What to Consider When Buying RAM For Your PC or Laptop

RAM terminology can be confusing for those who are new to the subject. There are some things you can do to help you select the right RAM for your computer and laptop. These points are listed to help you feel more at ease when purchasing RAM for your computer. These points will help you choose the right RAM for your system.

  • Compatibility

Compatibility is the first thing you need to look at when purchasing RAM for your computer. You must ensure that the RAM you intend to buy is compatible with your motherboard. Check which RAM type is compatible with your motherboard and how much RAM it can handle. If you’re using a brand-name product, this information can be found on the pamphlet. You can also talk to the seller for the information.

  • Speed and efficiency

The RAM’s efficiency is another important aspect to consider when buying the perfect RAM for your computer. You should ensure that you choose the right RAM for your system, as well as the OS. This will allow you to find the right RAM for your system, and ensure that it runs smoothly without lag or issues. To get an accurate idea of RAM’s speed, pay attention to the time it takes to process a given command.

  • Value for Money

There are many RAM brands on the market, each with their own speed and efficiency. You can ensure that you get the perfect RAM by carefully evaluating its speed, brand value, efficiency, and price. This will help you to find the most reliable RAM that your computer can handle. Do not just pay the lowest price. Be sure to read the specifications of the RAM before you buy it.

  • Brand value

When buying a RAM upgrade for your computer, the Brand is an important consideration. You can be sure of getting a high-quality RAM from a trusted brand that will perform better than RAMs made by newer brands. These RAMs are a good value for money, even though they may be more expensive.

  • Warranty

You should ensure that the warranty on RAM you choose for your system is valid. This can be done by choosing a reliable brand or asking the vendor to recommend a RAM with a longer life span. You can ensure that you get the best RAM for your money by choosing RAM with a good warranty.

These are the five most important things to remember when buying RAM. You will improve your computer’s performance by making sure the RAM you purchase is compatible with your current configuration.

Computer Laptop RAM-Frequently Asked Questions

What should you consider when choosing RAM sticks for your gaming computer?

High-frequency RAM will speed up loading times and allow for better frame rates. For a better gaming experience, you should always think about the RAM capacity. Two 8GB DDR4 RAM is recommended. While it might seem like a good choice, if you’re multitasking such as streaming on Twitch or running tabs in the background, a lower RAM capacity can cause problems with frame rate and performance.

How do you know if your RAM is compatible?

The compatibility of parts is crucial to getting the best performance from a gaming system. Poor performance can be caused by a low-tier ATX motherboard that has a small IO and an old gen PCI Express slot. You won’t get the most out of the AMD 32 core CPU if the motherboard doesn’t support these numbers. You should search for a DIMM slot, which is usually the smallest. Your motherboard should have at least two slots to support RAM.

How does RGB RAM affect your Gaming PC’s Cooling?

RGB RAMs don’t produce heat and your computer will run smoothly if you use liquid cooling solutions. The RAM manufacturer uses low-power LEDs that produce negligible heat and dissolve in the computer. It could be an issue if you use RGB lights straps made by a poor manufacturer. To ensure that your gaming performance is not affected by heat, it is important to get rid of it. To eliminate excess heat from the RGB light, you can add a second fan to your PC to act as an exhaust.

Does RAM require cooling?

RAM is very efficient in cooling, despite having high-frequency options as well as the ability to overclock. RAM operates at lower voltages and higher frequencies. This can cause heat but your computer’s exhaust will be capable of absorbing it. Additional software can be used to check the temperature of RAM. The DIMM Thermal Sensor monitors temperature at the DIMM slots. The ideal temperature for the system when it is idle is between 30@C and 50@C. A tip for new gamers is to not overclock RAM if your GPU or CPU is operating above 80@C.

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