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Unimed NIBP Cuffs: Accurate and Compliant Blood Pressure Measurement

Precise blood pressure measurement is of utmost importance in healthcare environments, and Unimed, a renowned name in the medical industry, is dedicated to offering NIBP cuffs that excel in accuracy and regulatory compliance. In the following article, we will delve into the technical specifications of Unimed NIBP cuffs, emphasizing their strict adherence to regulatory standards and comprehensive biocompatibility testing.

Technical Specifications of Unimed NIBP Cuffs

Unimed NIBP cuffs are designed to deliver precise and consistent blood pressure measurements. They feature high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure optimal performance. The cuffs come with a cuff end connector, specifically designed to work seamlessly with mainstream blood pressure monitors, providing compatibility and ease of use. The cuff material is made of soft TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), ensuring patient comfort during blood pressure monitoring. Additionally, the cuffs are available in both bladder and bladderless variants, catering to different measurement needs.

Regulatory Compliance and Biocompatibility Testing of Unimed NIBP Cuffs

Unimed NIBP cuffs adhere to strict regulatory standards to ensure compliance and patient safety. These cuffs are compliant with essential certifications such as CE, FDA, Anvisa, and MDSAP, meeting international requirements for quality and performance. Furthermore, they undergo comprehensive biocompatibility testing to assess their compatibility with the human body. All materials in contact with the patient are latex-free, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions and ensuring patient comfort.


Unimed NIBP cuffs offer healthcare professionals accurate and compliant blood pressure measurement solutions. With their robust technical specifications and adherence to regulatory standards, these cuffs provide reliability and precision in clinical settings. Unimed’s commitment to regulatory compliance and biocompatibility testing underscores their dedication to patient safety and quality. Choose Unimed NIBP cuffs for accurate, compliant, and reliable blood pressure measurements.

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