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Unleash Brilliance with Ledia Lighting’s LED IP67 Strips: Revolutionizing Illumination

Are you ready to unlock the next level of lighting innovation? Ledia Lighting is proud to present its remarkable LED IP67 strips, transcending traditional lighting solutions and offering a world of endless possibilities. Let’s delve into the captivating features and applications of these extraordinary waterproof LED strip for pool!

Dazzling in Any Setting

What sets this LED strip apart from the crowd is its exceptional durability. Resistant to UV rays and flames, it achieves an impressive IP67 rating, making it the perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor environments where water is present. Picture this: a stunning poolside glow or a captivating ambiance on a luxurious yacht. With LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-120-10X22X14, you can bring these visions to life.

Customizable and Effortlessly Bendable

Unmatched in design, the 10*22*14 configuration offers a dome-shaped light body and a wide 270-degree beam angle. Say goodbye to dark spots or uneven lighting; this strip dazzles with a continuous, seamless glow throughout its length. The flexible and bendable nature of the strip allows for effortless customization and installation, empowering your creativity to thrive.

Exemplifying Longevity and Quality in LED Strip Lighting

At Ledia Lighting, quality is paramount. Rest easy knowing that these LED strips are crafted with pure silicone extrusion and automated production, ensuring reliable performance that withstands the test of time. Speaking of which, a generous 5-year warranty accompanies each strip, providing peace of mind and a testament to its longevity.

Illuminate with Versatility

The applications of these remarkable LED strips are boundless. Whether you seek to enhance architectural outlines, create stunning cove lighting, illuminate building facades, guide signage, or bring unique lighting decorations to life, LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-120-10X22X14 has got you covered. Its versatility knows no bounds.


Distributors and agents, get ready to embark on a transformative journey as you introduce Ledia Lighting’s LED IP67 Strips to the world. With their cutting-edge features, impeccable longevity, and mesmerizing lighting effects, these strips are set to revolutionize the industry. Stand out from the crowd and offer your customers a lighting solution that sparks their imagination and elevates their spaces to new heights.

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