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Unveiling EvoTec Power’s High-Voltage Marvel: TH468 Series Synchronous Alternator

EvoTec Power has dedicated itself to raising the bar in the power generation industry, especially when it comes to high voltage alternators. At the forefront of this innovation is EvoTec Power’s latest creation — the TH468 Series Synchronous Alternator. This groundbreaking alternator represents a leap forward in high efficiency and high output generator technology, boasting independent intellectual property rights.

TH468 Series: Powering Tomorrow’s High Voltage Needs

The TH468 Series stands as a testament to EvoTec Power’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in power generation. With a remarkable capacity of 500/1625kVA and a voltage output of 3300/13800V, this synchronous alternator is designed for easy integration into 11KV generators, ensuring seamless and continuous operation. EvoTec Power’s focus on energy conversion efficiency, coupled with a thoughtful design that prioritizes ventilation and ease of maintenance, results in a cost-effective alternator solution.

Advantages that Redefine Excellence:

Shorter Dimension Design: The TH468 Series introduces a compact design without compromising performance, ensuring versatility in various applications. Better Ventilation and Heat Dissipation: A superior ventilation structure guarantees optimal performance even in demanding conditions, leading to substantial cost savings. Substantial Cost Saving: EvoTec Power’s dedication to efficiency translates into cost savings for end-users, making the TH468 Series a practical and economical choice.


The TH468 Series alternators from EvoTec are more than simply an alternator; they are a power symphony that vibrates with efficiency, innovation, and the hope of a better energy future. EvoTec Power is a pioneer in the industry, leading the way with innovative solutions that redefine the capabilities of high voltage alternators.

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