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USAID’s $64 million grant to Lebanon is a great blessing.

It is not new news that Lebanon has the worst economic conditions. This began when the corona epidemic began. Since then, the country’s economic situation continues to worsen.

The United States Agency for international development ( USAID) provided food aid to Lebanon to improve the economic situation and food insecurity. Non-perishable food items included rice, pasta, lentils and so forth. Funds for perishable food items were included.

USAID is the largest international official aid organization. It provides aid for civilian development and foreign aid. It is an independent agency within the US federal government.

Based upon the findings from ‘World Report 2022’

Beirut Blast, a devastating incident that took place at Beirut’s port on 4 August 2020 was called the Beirut Blast. It was the worst non-nuclear blast in history and wiped out more than half the city. Nearly 219 people died, 7000 were injured and many people suffered from disabilities. This catastrophe not only caused deaths but also had a significant negative effect on the economy.

But, the report also states that Lebanese leaders were equally responsible for the economic crisis as their people. The court disqualified a judge appointed to investigate the matter in February 2021.

The World Bank states that the financial and economic condition of Lebanon is due to insufficient policy measures by the Lebanese authorities. Inflation rates have risen to 281% from June 2019 to June 2020. Food prices have risen to 5550% between 2020 and 2021. The value of the national currency had declined by 90%, and the government continued to impose arbitrary rules restricting cash withdrawals.

Additionally, 78 percent of the population was living in poverty as of March 2021. The government did not provide any assistance to citizens. This isn’t the end. There are many other problems that were brought on by the tragedy. Poor health was caused by poor economic conditions.

Insufficient resources also resulted in the loss of medicine, fuel, electricity and other equipment. Hospitals and medical centers were made to stop providing assistance for the sick. Many people died when they were unable to access medical supplies and medicines from other countries.

It was not possible to imagine the impact. The people who were affected felt the pain they experienced and continue to feel. Because they are dependent on the support of their citizens, it is their responsibility to take care of them. The United Nations states that the people do not have basic rights, which includes education, health, and basic living standards.

In conclusion,

From October 2020, the United States has donated approximately $510 million. The United Nations continues to urge other donors to increase their donations in light of the increasing need in Lebanon. Funding from the UN International Food Program will provide essential food support to more than 740,000 families.

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