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What is casino bamboo cockfighting? Playing experience is sure to win

Casino bamboo cockfighting has become a game chosen and loved by many people at reputable bookmakers. But not everyone has the experience of playing cockfighting to win. Please follow the article below for more useful information
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What is casino bamboo cockfighting?

Casino bamboo cockfighting is currently a very hot game in Vietnam and has since developed in many different countries. This game is suitable for those who are passionate about betting and is available at many different bookmakers so you will be free to choose. Basically, this cockfighting game is designed quite similar to the traditional type.

Now bettors can participate freely without having to worry about anything. Playing cockfighting online has the same rules as cockfighting in real life. The other point is that you have the ability to watch many matches via live streaming and you only need a stable network connection to be able to participate in betting.

Important terms when playing casino cockfighting

When you participate in casino cockfighting, you need to firmly grasp the following terms:

  • One cross, one move: Refers to bantam cockfighting matches that are divided into rounds like traditional cockfighting. Each round everyone knows is 1 face or 1 move.
  • Giving chicken water: After each round of competition, the cocks need to rest and recuperate, which is the way to give chicken water.
  • After knowing the important terms, you should have a solid grasp of many principles and rules of cockfighting.
  • Each region has a different way of playing bantam cockfighting: in the North, a round of cockfighting lasts about 15 minutes and in the Central region, 20 minutes per round.
  • In the three regions, there is a general rule that when fighting cocks lose, they often show signs of panic, running in confusion, not reacting…

Instructions to distinguish between different types of bantam chickens

Currently there are two popular types of bantam chickens you should know:

Purebred bantam chicken

This type originates from the Southwest, and is popular in the Southern region. It is a small, flexible chicken breed with beautiful long feathers. It has a fierce and warlike personality.

American bantam chicken

It is a chicken breed after cross-breeding. Their origin is from Bantam chickens or South American jungle chickens… This type is usually small in size. It is cross-bred by many experts with several other larger breeds.

It is a descendant of fighting chicken lines, it inherits fighting blood and agility. At the same time, it has top-notch fighting power and tenacity. Therefore, it is often chosen for cockfighting.

The most accurate secret to playing casino bamboo cockfighting

If you want to participate in casino cockfights and win for sure, you need to have good tactics and secrets to play. Here are some tips for playing good cockfighting that you should pay attention to:
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Bet based on chicken appearance

Before betting on bantam fights, you should observe the appearance of the bantams. Because good fighting chickens often have strong, sturdy bodies and smooth, shiny feathers. You should bet on chickens with slim legs, tight toes, and thin skirts.

Firmly grasp the types of bets and forms of playing casino cockfighting

Understanding the types of bets and forms of play Casino cockfighting is a necessary secret. Anyone attending needs to remember to be careful. Bamboo casino cockfighting will have the following 3 types of bets:

  • Meron bet: You bet on the bookie’s cock to win.
  • Wala Handicap: Betting on the winning player’s cock.
  • BD Bet: Means betting on both sides having a draw.

There are currently 4 popular forms of playing at the house:

  • GamechickenAmerica: Many good cockfights with good fighting cocks with beautiful and strong appearance.
  • Fighting cocks: The cocks are carefully selected by the game hall, appearing with the most beautiful kicks.
  • Traditional cockfighting: A famous form of cockfighting and present in Thailand and Cambodia.
  • Peruvian cockfighting: The best form of cockfighting with great odds of winning.

Choose a reputable and safe bookmaker

In addition to the secret to playing cockfighting, you need to choose a reputable bookmaker. The bookmaker you should choose is Okvip, a bookmaker that operates safely and with high security. A place for you to have interesting entertainment space as well as attractive rewards.

Analyze the cock’s performance table before betting

If you want to win the bet, you need to carefully refer to the performance table of many fighting cocks. That is an important factor that helps you get a chance to win.

Choosing iron-spur fighting bantams requires attention

When choosing a bantam chicken with iron spurs, you need to pay attention to important issues such as watching chickens with turtle tongues, 2 legs of different colors, 3 spurs on each leg… You should choose chickens with sleeping and walking postures. Standing abnormally. Because it is possible that cocks can win many fights.


Above we have shared with you a better understanding of casino bantam cockfighting and the secret to winning. Hopefully the above information has helped you bet and always win.

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