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What is Roulette? Detailed Instructions on How to Play at new88

What is Roulette?? Is playing the game difficult? How to win when betting at Nha cai new88 bookmaker? These are all questions that many bettors are interested in today. Because of that, through the article below we will help you answer all of the above questions and provide the most useful playing tips.

Answer: What is Roulette?

Roulette is a famous blue-nine game that many people love when coming to casinos casino. The game is also known in Vietnamese as small wheel with playing tools including a circular wheel and a ball.

With Roulette, the dealer will spin the wheel and then drop the ball in the opposite direction. When the ball stops at any number, the person who predicts correctly will receive a bonus according to the rate offered by the website. In the game, you can bet on color (black/red), even – odd numbers, over/under,…

Instructions on how to participate in Roulette at new88

Besides questions related to what Roulette is, how to bet is also a topic that bettors are extremely interested in. To play games atBookmaker new88, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Create an account at bookmaker new88 for yourself. Please fill in the data required by the information sheet, then confirm the terms and conditions and select the registration section.
  • Step 2: Log in to the bookmaker’s system, then deposit money into your account and remember to apply the website’s promotion code.
  • Step 3: Access the Casino lobby and select Roulette to participate in betting.

How to play basic Roulette?

Basically, this betting game is not difficult, you just need to carefully read the rules and how to play as follows:

What are the rules of Roulette?

1 roulette table will have a total of 37 numbers played in order from 0 – 36. Before the game starts, you place a bet within 30 seconds according to the house’s regulations. At each door there will be maximum and minimum money limits and bettors need to strictly comply with the regulations.

What are the flexible rules of Roulette? That means you are allowed to bet on many different doors at the same time depending on your financial ability and judgment. Besides, players will have 2 forms of play: inside bets (a specific number) and outside bets (a specific group of numbers).

Terminology bettors need to know when participating in Roulette

Besides what Roulette is, you also need to learn about the terms new88 uses with this game. Bettors can learn through the following sharing:

  • Single bet: In case you place money on a specific number.
  • Double bet: Bet on 2 different numbers at the same time.
  • Red/black bet: In case the bettor places money on all the boxes that have the same color red or black.
  • Odd/even bet: You will pool your money and place it all in the even or odd box.
  • Dozen bet: This is when you place money on a group of 12 numbers.

Some strategies to help Roulette bettors win big

Besides the game regulations, to win when participating in online betting, you need to have a good strategy. Below are some methods that experts often use to help predict results more accurately.

Strategy for playing Roulette according to Martingale

This is a method that people with large capital often use to increase their chances of winning. So what is the Martingale strategy in the game Roulette? To put it simply, you bet money in the form of doubling your money on 1 door in 1 consecutive game.
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To help everyone understand better, new88 will give a specific example as follows: In the first game, he bet black with 100k and lost. The second game is still black but increases the bet to 200k. And keep doubling the previous loss until your prediction is correct.

Use the money splitting strategy – James Bond

What is James Bond used in Roulette? To follow this strategy, you need to prepare an amount of at least 500k then bet according to the following instructions:

  • Place 350k in boxes with numbers 19-36.
  • With the remaining amount, 125k is placed in boxes 13-18 and the remaining 25k is placed in box 0.

With games like this, the chance of winning will be up to 70% and you are never afraid of losing. However, bettors need to pay attention to the betting limits of the bets and increase their money according to the ratio in accordance with the above formula.

Above are all the answers about what Roulette is from bookmaker new88. Hopefully, through what we share, bettors will have successful bets and bring home the desired bonuses.

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