AEDs in Hospitals Vary from Those in Public Places

A hospital defibrillator is usually a manual external defibrillator (MED) used in hospitals to return a patient’s heart rate to normal. The AED hospital product is also available in a clinical agency. It is intended to help diagnose and treat various cardiac diseases, since the physician needs to determine how much shock energy should be administered to the patient and when and how frequently to administer a shock. This is referred to as manual defibrillation.

In this post, the author will explain the difference between MED/AED hospitals and AED nowadays.

AED: Device Designed For Non-Professional Use.

Public AEDs are SCA rescue devices that are available to the public and are intended for non-medical persons outside hospitals. Some are outfitted with voice prompts, visual instructions, and a buzzer to alert the user when it is time to give an AED shock.

To enable the quickest response time for out-of-hospital SCA rescue, AED devices are often fixed on the wall with a unique AED box and located in public areas outside the hospital, such as airports, trains, office buildings, stadiums, and so on. Their look, operation, and purpose are significantly different.

AED Hospital/MED

Hospital AEDs are more complicated than public AEDs. Because most manual external defibrillators are constructed with many treatment modes, the physician must first turn on the device and choose the appropriate therapy mode. Then, choose the suitable energy level for the clinical circumstance, push the charge button, and last, hit the shock button to give the shock.

Even in words, the whole procedure is difficult, particularly for individuals who have never had professional training. It also requires a specialized evaluation of the current required based on the patient’s health. Individuals with no professional expertise will find this very difficult.

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