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Arowana Fish Shooting for Rewards – New88 Online Entertainment Game 2024

Arowana shooting for prizes is a game that many people are interested in on the market today. It is available at most bookmakers and is popular with many customers thanks to its simple, interesting gameplay and attractive rewards. In this article, let’s explore the details of the online arowana shooting game.
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Introducing a few features of shooting Arowana fish to win prizes

Anyone who is passionate about online entertainment is certainly no stranger to the game of shooting arowana fish for prizes. This is a game series that brings a new breeze to the player community, popular with many customers because of its interesting gameplay. Not only is it highly entertaining, this game also creates many opportunities to get rich and earn bonuses for customers.

According to research, this product was researched and developed by the king of fish shooting. You will be immersed in the mysterious ocean world, full of treasures to freely conquer.

To keep you from getting bored, the publisher provides a lot of fish and sea creatures in this game. In total, there are more than 100 targets with different sizes and rewards, from little fish swimming around on the screen to boss fish and rare giant monsters.

Depending on the size, each type will have a different reward level. This brings the joy of conquering challenges to bettors. When you receive the bonus, you can completely convert it to cash and withdraw it to the bank.

Besides, the arowana fish shooting game also has a unique advantage: the appearance of the Golden Dragon boss. It possesses extraordinary power, huge treasure and is extremely difficult to conquer. The more fish the player shoots, the higher the bonus, quickly unlocking levels.

Learn the rules of the Arowana fish shooting game for prizes

When participating in this game, you can freely choose many levels depending on your ability, capital and tactics. All players will play the role of brave fishermen, controlling their ship to hunt fish and find targets in the vast ocean.

With each successful shot, the bonus will be automatically transferred to the player’s account. Not only can you hunt, you can also discover many treasures under the ocean. Currently, the Arowana fish shooting game for prizes offers two popular game rooms for you to choose from. Include:

  • Newbie Area: A level of play for beginners with low money, not requiring too much knowledge or skills, providing opportunities for players to get acquainted and practice their skills.
  • Expert Area: This level has more difficult challenges, so it requires customers to have strategies and understanding of the game. In return, the bonus you receive is extremely large, up to 1 – 100 times the bet.

The journey of hunting fish and finding treasure will become more interesting and dramatic when the house provides a diverse and modern weapon system. You can freely use guns, bombs, lasers, artillery, electric grids… Each type will have its own destructive power and advantages, suitable for all fishermen’s tactics.

Tips for shooting arowana fish to win prizes New88 always wins

Although the gameplay of the arowana shooting game is no different from the regular version, there are many more difficult challenges. Therefore, you need to have appropriate strategies and playing tips. Below are some bloody experiences shared by experts that you can refer to.
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Play in groups

This is one of the effective methods to help players conquer the gameShoot arowana fish to get prizes in a short time. When you have the opportunity to experience with many people, you can improve your experience and learn a lot of strategies.

Everyone will support each other by sharing information about the target’s location, weapon use skills, and protecting each other from dangerous prey. Furthermore, if teammates coordinate smoothly and cooperatively, they will increase their chances of destroying the boss fish faster. Not only that, it also creates a fun, bustling and stimulating entertainment atmosphere for players.

Prioritize shooting arowana fish

The next experience is to focus on destroying arowana fish to earn huge rewards. However, this “ocean ruler” is very aggressive, moves quickly, is strong and possesses a huge amount of blood. So, to defeat it, you require knowledge, a perfect combination of skills and tactics, especially the element of luck.

Don’t forget to equip yourself with the most advanced weapons and stock up on plenty of ammo. You should apply special bullets such as ice, lightning, etc. to improve damage effectiveness.

Hiding and waiting for the opportunity

A small way for fishermen is to be able to hide behind coral reefs to wait for the target to appear and avoid the arowana’s attack. Or you can shoot small targets around to distract attention, looking for suitable attack opportunities.

Recently, there was an article introducing and giving detailed instructions on how to play the Arowana fish shooting game for new participants. What are you waiting for? Sign up for an account now to experience it.

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