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Football betting rules – Standard way to bet

For those of you who don’t know, you can still bet on football while playing football Football betting rules that’s private. Regulations on when bets are calculated, legal bets and regulations on odds. So let’s find out with Nhà cái 789BET the rules and how to bet correctly.

Football betting rules for new players

The learning aboutFootball betting rules When you first play, it will help you see correctly about betting, choosing the time and fully preparing the bet. At the same time, limit the risks that may occur when soccer betting. Below are the basic football betting rules for you.

  • When betting on the first half, the bet only counts on the first half. In case the match is abandoned, the bet is void. If the match is canceled in the second half, the bets from the previous half will still be considered valid.
  • In case the match is canceled, postponed or for some reason paused, but within 12 hours, the match will not be played again. Then from the scheduled start time, the bet on that match will be void. At this time, the paying party will be the house, and depending on each house’s own regulations, payment can be made in full or in percentage.
  • You should remember the basic rule of football betting, which is that the bookie only provides information and is not responsible for any other way you bet. At that time, you must know how to find reputable sources of information to avoid being misled when betting.
  • When placing bets, you must pay attention to the time. The regulation states that you can bet up to the 90th minute of the match and include overtime. These times will be decided by the house.
  • Note that when predicting and placing bets, bets are only calculated during the time before the end of the round/match. If the time exceeds, the bet is invalid.
  • You should pay attention to online betting, each bet has a different calculation. Usually, bets will be canceled when a goal is scored, while pending bets are accepted depending on the situation. Except for over/under bets and handicap bets of all kinds.

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Rules for making soccer bets based on ball odds

Football betting is an extremely popular form of handicap for those who often play football betting. When encountering different odds, you will have to have different ways to bet and of course there are rules. Football betting rules are different. Everyone needs to know how to read odds to make appropriate betting decisions.

Odds 0 – 0: This is considered a draw 1, draw 2. When betting, you should pay attention to the upper team or the lower team. Evaluate which team can win and win money.

Odds 0 – 0.5 – Odds ¼: also known as half ball. Football betting rules will depend on the situation and the goal difference between the two teams. When the handicap team wins, whoever bets on it will win and whoever bets on the underdog will lose. And when the team accepts defeat, you lose the bet. If the result is a draw and you place a handicap bet, you will lose half of your bet.

Odds 1/2 – Odds 0.5: This is also known as half-left handicap. When betting, pay attention to the upper team handicapping the lower half left team. When the handicap team wins, bet on the bet. If the team with the handicap wins, they will only bet on the underdog team. In case of a tie, the victory will be awarded to the lower team, so pay attention when placing bets.

When the handicap team has 1 goal difference compared to the handicapped team, you win half the bet when betting on the handicapped team and lose half the bet when betting on the handicapped team. The handicap team wins by 2 goals and whoever bets on this team wins everything and the lower team loses the bet. In case the handicap team loses or the result is a draw, when betting on the upper team will lose, and the lower team will then win the bet.

Odds of 1 goal – Odds 1: If the handicap wins by 1 goal compared to the handicapped team, the bet will be tied and the house will refund the player. Only when there is a difference of 2 or more goals will the person who plays for the handicap team have a chance to win the bet. In case the handicapped team wins or draws, then the underdog team has a chance to win the bet.

Odds of 1 half coin – Odds 1/1.5 or Odds 1.25: When the handicap team has a goal difference, they bet on the upper team losing half the bet, the lower team winning half the bet. When there is a difference of 2 or more goals, you bet on the upper team to win the bet, and the lower team will lose the bet. In case the two teams are tied or the handicapped team is superior, betting on the upper team will lose the bet and choosing the lower team will win the bet.

Ratio of 1 and a half balls – Odds 1.5: This type of bet is also known as a 1-break bet. The handicap team will handicap the underdog team by 1.5 goals. When there is a difference of 2 or more goals, the upper team wins the bet. If they win by less than 2 goals, they lose all bets.

Odds 1.5 – 2 goals – Odds 1.75 – Odds 1.5-2: Bet on the handicap team when there is a difference of 3 goals. If there are only 2, then the top team will win half the bet, and the bottom team will lose half the bet. When the score is less than 2, or the result is a draw or loss, the lower team will win the bet.

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Experience in predicting and making extremely accurate soccer bets

You have also learned about the rules of soccer betting from basic to difficult handicaps. But the important thing when betting is that you must have a basis to follow as well as ensure accuracy when betting. Below is information shared about the experiences of experts, please take advantage of it to learn.

Betting based on rankings position

If you want to bet effectively, what you need to pay attention to is the team’s ranking. The reason is because when you firmly grasp the team’s ranking, everyone will know how their performance is. Although in football, things can easily change, but for the most part, teams with high rankings will definitely have a higher chance of winning.

At the same time, if you encounter a situation where the rankings of two teams are high and different, choosing an effective bet is very important. With the underdog teams, when betting, don’t be too handicapped. Everyone should consider before betting before making a specific decision. And choose the right time. And usually the time before 30 minutes of the match will be the appropriate betting time. Therefore, if you bet too far away for too long, your handicap can drop from 1 to immediately

Bet based on reality

You should learn how to choose football odds based on reality instead of trusting a betting address. And this is a very wise secret. Because unreliable betting sites often provide information before the match takes place, it is sometimes not 100% accurate. At the same time, the betting predictions are the subjective opinions of the writer. Therefore, you should evaluate in detail the actual situation of the competing team to see how things are.

Bet on the basis of researching odds

When you want to bet accurately, you need to spend time researching the odds offered by reputable bookmakers. And the experience of the players is that you do not choose big teams with low odds. Because big teams are often trusted by many people. When many people bet, the bookies will flip the bet. From there, players can lose bitterly. Therefore, you should choose the weaker team with higher odds. When you win, you will get a big bonus.

Bet when appropriate

Although this is not mentioned in the football betting rules, choosing the right time is very important. Because there are times when the house updates the odds very high, but there are also cases where the odds decrease. Therefore, when playing, you need to consider and consider making appropriate choices.

The football betting rules have many regulations on betting odds and betting methods to support you in betting according to the law, and at the same time being able to handle flexibly when encountering difficult handicaps. Hopefully it can help you update many interesting content and apply it successfully when playing. And finally, don’t forget to follow to update many other interesting content.

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