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Employment Status of Mechanical Engineers in India

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches that deal with manufacturing, designing, and maintaining machines. The domain of the Evergreen branch of engineering has extended, and now its students are opting for learning robotics with the advent of modern technology. You might be wondering whether you should go for medical engineering or not.

The lack of job offers to the graduates has demotivated them to not choose mechanical engineering as upstream. And you would also be wondering how many mechanical engineers are unemployed in India. But you don’t need to worry because Mechanical Engineer jobs are increasing in Mumbai every day, and there are great opportunities for skilled mechanical engineer students.

The scope of mechanical engineering

The scope of mechanical engineering includes the manufacturing and design of industrial manufacturing and the best of the state of art motor vehicles besides aircraft. Additionally, the maintenance and testing of the machinery are major responsibilities of Mechanical Engineers.

The mechanical engineering field includes the concepts of mechanics, structural analysis, and fluids. Besides machinery and vehicles, Mechanical Engineers also have to learn how to develop engines, complex mechanical systems, and power equipment. They also have to learn the applications of material science, applied mathematics, and physics.

The new trends and future scope

The scope of mechanical engineering has expanded to a new domain that features robotics, nanotechnology, and computer-aided design. Several engineers also go for robotics and mechatronics, which are combinations of mechanical engineering streams.

Robotics is the fusion of mechanical engineering and computer science besides electrical engineering. It looks forward to designing and developing robotic systems. Mechanical engineering looks forward to developing computer systems that control robotic systems. The demand for robotics is a stream that is expected to grow in the coming decade as the AI revolution starts.

Mechatronics includes a combination of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The scope of mechatronics ranges from designing challenging engineering systems to processing automation. Engineers are not just limited to the manufacturing industry these days because the scope of mechanical engineering has widened to a great extent, and there is a great opportunity in other industries with great remuneration packages.

If you’re wondering how many Mechanical Engineers are unemployed, then it would be vital for you to understand the scope of the market.

Job potential for Mechanical Engineers


It is all about drafting technical sketches, with computers being the tools.


It is all about supervising the manufacturing machines besides the production process.

Testing of the machine parts besides checking the fault.

Installation and maintenance

It is All about installing the machine parts and the proper maintenance.


The research is all about implementing the newfound products by using modern technologies.

Mechanical Engineers are mainly recruited by the automobile industry, aerospace industry power, robotics, and mechatronics.


There would be a huge gap between the demand and supply for Mechanical Engineers in a few years. The demand for skilled Mechanical Engineers would surely exceed the supply. Even though there are new trends and technologies, most colleges today follow the old curriculum.

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