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Formulas to calculate the area and perimeter of a  rectangle 

In our daily lives, we come across a variety of forms. Shapes play an important role in our lives. All of the forms have distinct shapes and have distinct features. Different shapes are taught to students that are important for them to understand. Square and rectangle are two of the most important forms that we are all taught. In this tutorial, we’ll go over a few of the most important rectangle ideas. The article will go through the perimeter of rectangle and the area of a rectangle in great depth.

Rectangle: It is one of the shapes that we get to observe in our daily life. It has some unique properties which make it quite important. It is a two-dimensional shape and consists of 4 sides. Like in the square where all the sides intersect each other at an angle of ninety degrees. The perimeter of a rectangle and the area of a rectangle is very crucial to find as they have great importance. Thus, let us discuss them in detail. 

The perimeter of a rectangle: Finding the perimeter of a rectangle is one of the easiest tasks to perform. One just needs to have the value of both lengths as well as the base of the rectangle. Let us look at the formula that is used to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle. 2(l+b) is the formula that is widely used to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle. In the formula, l is the length of the rectangle, and b is the base of the same rectangle. 

Let us take an example for a better understanding. Let the length of a given rectangle be 5 and let the base of the rectangle be equal to 6. Then the perimeter of the rectangle can be simply calculated by adding both these values, that is equal to 11. Now we have to multiply the result we got by 2. Then the final answer we get is 22 and this is the perimeter of the given rectangle. One can understand how easy it easy to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle using this formula. Thus, every student should memorize this formula. 

Area of a rectangle: Area of any shape is nothing but the total area occupied by this form. Formula use to calculate the area of a rectangle is also very simple. One just needs to calculate the product of the length of the rectangle and the base of the rectangle. It can be represented as A=l*b. Here A represents the area of the rectangle, l is the length of the rectangle, and b is the breadth of the rectangle. Now let us take an example to understand it clearly. 

Let the breadth of the rectangle be equal to 5, and length be equal to 6 of the same rectangle. Then ita area can be calculated by simply multiplying both the values. Therefore, we will get 30, which is nothing but the area of the rectangle. Students should learn this formula as one can easily calculate the area of any rectangle using this formula. 

Both the perimeter and the area of a rectangle have been examined in depth in the preceding article. It is critical for pupils to understand and comprehend such arithmetic principles. These are the ideas that will serve as a solid foundation for further study. If a student is having trouble grasping a subject, they should seek help from internet resources. Cuemath is one of the greatest platforms accessible right now for providing students with high-quality instruction that is also completely free. Cuemath should be used by every student to learn, and comprehend math help.

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