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Guide for Mechanical Seal Design Selection

When choosing a certain mechanical seal design, three things should be taken into account. All seal materials must be chemically compatible with any solvents, cleaners, or steam that may be used in the system to flush or clean the lines. Any barrier fluids required to lubricate the movement of two mechanical seals are also provided. If the faces of the seal separate, the lapping surfaces will be destroyed, the seal will leak, and particles will be able to enter between the faces. If a mechanical seal can be used up until the carbon face is fully worn away, it has an excellent life. Just like any other issue, a seal failure has a definition.

Determining the materials that will best defend against wear and increase the seal’s lifespan is essential. To accomplish this, you need a solution that can effectively stop leaks and is strong enough to survive as long as feasible in the environment in which you are using it.

When selecting a seal, it is important to take into account both the temperature limits of the seal’s components and the fluid being pumped. Ensure you are ready for the worst. Since many fluids undergo phase changes from liquid to gas, solid, or crystal when heated, it is essential to understand the characteristics of the liquid you are trying to seal off. Before you buy, make careful to research which o-rings and gaskets will be compatible with the mechanical seal of your choice. When choosing an o-ring or other elastomer, keep in mind any potential line cleaners or solvents that may come into contact with the seal.


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