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Smart Home Power Solution

Rising living standards need more security, intelligence, comfort, beauty, and enjoyment in housing. Smart homes address these needs. The smart home blends family living amenities with general wiring, internet connectivity, security, automation, and audio & video to enhance living conditions and conserve energy. The power supply system is the basis for these facilities and each control system.

Home Automation

The smart house includes lighting, power socket control systems, background music, electronic door and curtain, audio-visual system, security system, general cabling system, etc. Because residential buildings are tiny, these systems’ controllers are as little as a power outlet.

To fulfill layout requirements, the power supply for these controllers should be modest. With these tiny controllers and panels, decorating the home will be easier.

Power supply solutions:

RC (resistance-capacitance) step-down and industrial frequency transformer step-down are typical controller circuit power supply options.

Power supply for the main controller, signal isolation, and a display circuit. The solution illustrates that a surge-protection circuit at the input side ensures the dependability and stability of the power supply circuit. The RC step-down circuit converts the voltage, and LDO gets regulated voltage for MCU and signals isolation when the power supply malfunctions, the output over-current detecting circuit protects the back-side load.

This Mornsun solution’s cheap cost and tiny PCB footprint meet smart home requirements. However, drawbacks include low efficiency, restricted input voltage range, easily influenced load, and difficult circuit testing. In addition, non-isolation between input and output may generate electric shocks and endanger human safety.

The RC step-down solution’s input and output circuits must safeguard the voltage and back-side load. Transforms power. AC 50Hz input Transformer steps down input power, rectifier, filter, and LDO adjust load voltage.

Frequency transformer step-down structure power supply examples

This method is easier to test, simple in circuit topology, safer since the transformer isolates input and output, and cheaper.

Its shortcomings are limited input range, bulky size, and poor efficiency, which is against the smart home’s compact and energy-saving goals.

Smart home AC/DC module

Both strategies have drawbacks. RC (resistance-capacitance) step-down circuit may impair human safety, and industrial frequency transformer step-down circuit isn’t small or energy-efficient. Mornsun’s LS line of high-efficiency green AC/DC power modules for smart homes eliminates the drawbacks.

LS series has over-load, short circuit, and over-current safety and is CE and UL certified. Following the suggested circuit, adding a filter capacitor at the input and output makes the LS series accessible for AC and DC input. The series is also useful for designing power instruments and other sectors.

LS series AC to DC converters 1-15W accomplish an isolated, regulated output with small size and energy-saving that RC and industrial frequency transformer step-down circuits can’t. As the LS series is controlled by high frequency, the internal transformer may be small, eliminating the shortcomings of the two classic systems.

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