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How NUSO Heated Tobacco Could Revolutionize the Smoking Industry

Tobacco is an industry that’s been around for a long time. This article will cover the features of NUSO heated tobacco, as well as how it revolutionizes the industry of smoking.

How Does NUSO Heated Tobacco Work?

NUSO is one of the novel tobacco products. Here’s how it works:

NUSO stick is inserted into a small, battery-powered heating device that heats the NUSO tobacco to a temperature lower than 600 degrees Celsius. This creates an inhaled aerosol, which is a suspension of liquid and particles in the air.

The Features of NUSO Heated Tobacco

  1. NUSO heated tobacco is used with a special electronic device that allows for more consistent and even heat, resulting in a better flavor and less waste.
  2. NUSO heated tobacco produce no smoke, making them better for those around the smokers.
  3. NUSO heated tobacco does not produce waste and ash, making it more environmentally friendly.
  4. NUSO tobacco is available in a variety of flavors, including menthol and non-menthol and varieties.
  5. NUSO tobacco is easy to use and provides a similar experience to regular cigarettes.
  6. NUSO tobacco also contains addictive nicotine and other potentially hazardous chemicals.


So far, early studies on NUSO heated tobacco have shown that it may be less harmful than traditional cigarettes. However, more research is needed to confirm this. If NUSO does prove to be a risk-reduced alternative to traditional cigarettes, it could potentially revolutionize the smoking industry and help reduce the health risks associated with smoking.

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