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THC-O: Is It More Potent Than THC?

Due to the boom in their vogue in trends and other social media fora, we all are curious about it. If you are a person who has an interest in cannabis crops? Do you want to use it for remedial goals? Then you are at the right place. CBD and THC crops are outputs of the hemp plant and marijuana plant. They get taken out from them and sifted in the labs to get the derivatives. Right?

These canna crops have had a startling count of lovers in recent years. But when vogue grows, it is followed by turmoil. You may see someone you know talking about it. Well! They have gotten so famous now that it would be hard to find somebody who has not even heard of it. They are a great leisure tool. People usually use it to unwind from their daily stressful lives and joy.

They have got some psychologically-active content. It includes medicinal values also. There is a new canna crop gaining rage on the internet recently. It is known as THC-O. It is a little varied from our usual hemp items. It takes little effort to get it and is famous for its link with the OG D9 (THC). It is more psychologically active and probably more effective.

They usually come in edibles, gummies, vapes, and other forms. Many brands sell THC-O and D9 items. You can get D9 or THC-O products from the TRE House store. If you are curious about the new THC-O, how is it different from D9? And what about its legality and potency? Then you do not have to worry. Because we are here to quench your curiosity. So, here we go-


THC-O: tell me more about it-

Well, THC-O is both similar to and different from our conventional D9. We can call them distant relatives, as they come from the same plant. The latter is a naturally occurring item from the marijuana and hemp plants from the cannabis family. It is the constituent part of the plant and has other cannabinoids like CBD and delta-8.

On the other hand, THC-O does not occur raw in the cannabis plant. Denote it with words like THCO, O-acetate, or THC-acetate. It gets synthesized chemically in the laboratory. The crude material extracted from the hemp plant is subjected to a concatenation of cleansing methods to obtain the desired product.

Acetic anhydride is a chemical widely used to obtain our desired product. It is an ester of the D9 compound. Firstly we grab cannabinoids from crude material. Then Delta 9 is extracted from these canna products. The process goes on with Delta 9 and acetic anhydride to discard all terpenes and flavonoids. As a result, we get this synthetic canna compound. Through this process, we obtain our THC-O or THC-O-acetate. It is unflavored with no scent distinguishable. Initially, it comes in an oil form which is quite thick to use.

Is it legitimate or safer to employ?

As for its legality, it is somewhat legal for now. Its legal status depends on whether or not it contains Delta 9. If it does not have a trace of that in its chemical composition, then it is legal. It should not cross the legitimate level of 0.3% D9 levels in the chemical composition, as that is illegal to have in a compound.

As for its safety concern, we cannot quite specifically say that it is safe for consumption. It is not too synthetic, which can harm you directly. Many other synthetic drugs earlier in a similar pattern to this, but they came out to be dangerous. But this, due to having its origins derived directly from the marijuana plant, is not that dangerous.

Prodrug refers to compounds that need a metabolic reaction to work to their full potential. It has a chemical composition quite similar to D8 and D9. It gets its origins derived from the cannabis plant, like all other marijuana products. So it is not that chemically different. It is considered a prodrug by the researchers.

It is as safe and dangerous as other hemp-derived compounds. They are chemically similar, so their safety concerns are also the same. There is no specific data that deems it to be dangerous. But it can also accord with the less data we have on this compound. The only thing to do is to use it wisely.

Does it hold more potency than D9?

If we grab a look at the related studies and facts prevailing in the market, we can say that it is more potent than D9. People researching its potency and effects claim that it is roughly three times stronger than traditional D9. It is supposed to have hallucinogenic effects on the people consuming it.

But many cannabis enthusiasts feel unsure about this potency rate. It is due to the exceedingly less data on the compound. Research is ongoing. But due to the delay, we can’t precisely figure out the pros and cons of employing the canna crop. It has got more popular due to the unconfirmed legal status, just like another novice D9 derivative in the market, D8.

We are sure that if the potency rate is this high, it will surely be more influential. Due to the assumption regarding it, people are switching to this compound. The lure of THC-O being more potent also plays an enormous role in its popularity.


What can be the civil benefits of employing it?

Its benefits are similar to those of the other THC products. It is due to their origin and similar chemical structure. Moreover, it improves appetite and sleeping duration. It is highly effective in treating chronic pain, and most people probably use it for this reason.

It is helpful in stress and depression. It makes you high as it has psychedelic effects. Your body feels floaty and dizzy, and it helps relax sore muscles and a troubled mind. There is not much research conducted on its potential benefits. Thus, its medicinal effects are not yet confirmed.

So, we can say that this new compound, O-acetate, has suddenly gotten so popular thanks to the internet and its strength level. It’s assuredly more potent than OG D9. But it is relatively new in the game. Thus, we can’t precisely say anything about the side effects it can bring in the future. Consider all its pros and cons. You can try it. But you shall remember that it may not be that safer to use. Good luck!

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