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The Best Camera Tripods from SmallRig

When it comes to camera tripods, SmallRig delivers innovative designs, rugged construction and exceptional value. As a manufacturer of world-class camera support gear, SmallRig has perfected the art of creating high-quality yet affordable camera tripods.

The Best Camera Tripods from SmallRig

Travel and Vlogging Camera Tripods

For photographers and videographers on the go, SmallRig has developed:

  • Lightweight travel camera tripods as compact as 17.5 cm
  • Flexible vlog tripods with quick-release smartphone holders
  • Selfie stick tripods for vlogging and social content production
  • Wireless-compatible vlog kits for remote camera control

Aluminum Camera Tripods

SmallRig’s aluminum camera tripod lineup provides stability and functionality at affordable price points. Their aluminum camera tripods:

  • Feature rugged aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Fold down to compact sizes for easy transport
  • Support payloads up to 10 kg
  • Include tabletop models for field and studio use

Additional Details About SmallRig Camera Tripods

  • SmallRig manufactures their camera tripods with industrial-level precision and rigorous quality control standards. Their tripods are designed to perform reliably for years.
  • SmallRig offers a wide range of payload capacities across their tripod lineup, from 3 kg all the way up to 14 kg. This allows them to accommodate everything from compact mirrorless cameras to full-frame DSLRs and video cameras.
  • SmallRig fluid head video tripods feature advanced bubble level components and receivers to ensure level footage, even when shooting handheld. Some models also incorporate built-in support for follow focus gears and supports.
  • SmallRig’s travel camera tripods utilize lightweight yet strong carbon fiber constructions to achieve compact folding sizes while still supporting payloads of up to 6 kg. Their design focuses on minimizing bulk for easy transport.
  • SmallRig tripods incorporate quick release systems, arca swiss compatible mounts, and integrated quick release plates to allow for fast and secure camera attachment and removal. This enables instant set-up changes.


For any photographer or videographer in need of a reliable camera tripods, SmallRig has designed a perfect solution – whether you require a heavy-duty carbon fiber tripod, a precision fluid head tripod, a compact travel tripod or an economic aluminum model. By combining innovative design, versatile functionality and exceptional value, SmallRig continues to set the standard for camera tripods and all camera support equipment.



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