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Why You Should Choose Polymer Capacitors For Your Next Project

Choosing the right materials for your project is important enough to warrant careful consideration! Here is a blog that explores the pros of a polymer capacitor and how they can be used in your next project.

What are the Benefits of Using Polymer Capacitors?

Polymer capacitors are a great choice for your next project because of their many benefits. Here are just a few:

  1. It has a longer lifespan
  2. It can withstand higher operating temperature
  3. It has better stability
  4. Has lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) and safer failure modes.
  5. They’re durable: Polymer capacitors can last longer than traditional capacitors and are resistant to damage from heat, humidity, and other factors.

Structure and Properties of Polymer Capacitors

Polymer capacitors are made by sandwiching a separator sheet containing an electrolyte between two aluminum or tantalum foils. The assembly is then rolled up to obtain a cylindrical shape. Electrodes are added, then the entire assembly is encapsulated in an aluminum housing.

Ordinary electrolytic capacitors have a vented case or case with a pre-scored surface that should disconnect in the event of overpressure and vent the gas safely formed inside the case to prevent explosion in the event of overheating. There are typically no such nicks or vents on polymer capacitors because there is no significant pressure buildup in the event of a failure. If you want to know more about electrolytic capacitors, pls contact Beryl to learn more details.

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