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BINMEI: Your Ideal Wholesale Supplier for Spirulina Powder

Binmei is a leading wholesale spirulina powder supplier.With a focus on customer-first service, strong R&D capability, and healthy/safe products, BINMEI has earned a positive reputation among partners around the world.

Why Choose BINMEI?

BINMEI puts the interests of customers first, prioritizing providing the best products and services possible. The company has a strong R&D capability, with 9 technical patents and a team of over 10 scientists working on product research and development. Additionally, BINMEI’s production capacity is noteworthy, with its own factory capable of achieving annual production of 200 tons of spirulina extract, 200 tons of spirulina liquid extract, and 1200 tons of butterfly pea flower extract.

BINMEI’s emphasis on healthy and safe products is also commendable. The company maintains clean cultivation and a safe production environment to ensure high-quality products. A sealed cold chain piping system, a perfect quality management system, and various authoritative product certifications mean that BINMEI can guarantee the high quality of its products at any time.

Benefits of Spirulina Powder

Spirulina powder is known for its high nutritional value and potential health benefits. It is versatile in various industries, including food, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals. Spirulina powder is a great source of protein and antioxidants, making it ideal for use in dietary supplements or as a natural colorant in foods and cosmetics.

Applications of Wholesale Spirulina Powder

In the food industry, spirulina powder can be used as a coloring agent, nutrition enhancer, and functional ingredient. In cosmetics, spirulina powder can provide a natural blue-green color as well as antioxidant properties. In the nutraceuticals industry, spirulina powder can be used as a source of dietary protein and antioxidants.

BINMEI’s Blue Spirulina Products

BINMEI offers a range of high-quality blue spirulina products, including food grade, cosmetic grade, medical grade, and reagent grade. The company’s phycocyanin tablets also offer potential health benefits, such as boosting immunity, protecting skin moisture, and acting as a potent antioxidant. BINMEI’s blue spirulina products have high purity and are compliant with regulatory criteria for coloring food in the EU, USA, and Asian countries.


Choosing a reliable supplier for wholesale spirulina powder is important. BINMEI is an ideal choice for those looking for a company with a strong R&D capabilities, healthy and safe products, and high production capacity. With its emphasis on customer-first service and commitment to product quality, BINMEI is a leading wholesale supplier of spirulina powder.

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