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Home workout circuit training 6 week exercise band workout & bodyweight training


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Now this is a great start as you will not only be working towards your fitness goals but your body will be introduced to these different types of exercise. Another benefit of this is that when your body is trained in a specific way, it will learn to become more efficient in the effect that you are after.

For example; if you jog for 45 minutes at a fat burning pace every day for a year in the hope to “burn fat”, your body will be extremely efficient at burning fat after the year is up compared to the first week of this fitness venture. So now that we have introduced our bodies to basic cardio and resistance training, we are going to “fuse” the two types of training. This “fusion” is going to be the focus of this book and training plan. This method of training is also known to some as “circuit training


Briefly mentioned in the previous section, I like to think of circuit training as a fusion of cardio and resistance exercises. Let’s quickly jog our memories on the basics of each type of exercise. If you are familiar with this already, good stuff! But I feel that this does warrant a mention: Resistance training: Is usually carried out as part of a routine that utilises weights or resistance bands of some kind in a “sets and reps” method.


There are many reasons to use circuit training as part of your fitness routine. If you are looking to burn fat, develop cardiovascular fitness and tone your muscles, in my opinion and personal experience, circuit training is one of the most effective ways to do this. If you plan to earn a fit lean body from home using circuit training as your #1 method, you have made a wise choice! Here is why

Increased intensity: Because of the nature of this training method, your body will burn far more calories in a more efficient way than it would if you were to train with resistance only and train with a cardio choice in a separate session.

That said; if you are a total beginner and very out of shape, you may find circuit training a bit too much of a challenge to start with. Saves time: As circuit training is a “fusion” of cardio and resistance training, you will be saving a lot of time cramming the whole lot in to shorter, more intense sessions.

Added value: You can always add a huge amount of value in the form of fitness results to these training sessions by small tweaks to the circuits in your workouts. You don’t need to worry about doing this right now as I have taken care of it for you in this book. But as you become more experienced in this type of training you will be able to adapt it yourself.

Another supplement you can add to improve the overall process of your training is through investing in good home gym equipment when exercising at home.


So, if you are fusing your cardio exercise with your resistance exercise, do you still need to do separate cardio sessions? Your training sessions will have a 50/50 split of cardio and resistance type exercise. This means that you will be getting a good amount of “fat burning” from these sessions alone. However, what I would suggest is that you also add a “stand alone” cardio session of some kind to your daily lifestyle. This can be something as simple as a brisk walk for 30 – 45 minutes.

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