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The Dumbbell Workout Handbook Weight Loss Over 100 Workouts for Fat-Burning

T PROGRAMMING PROGRESSION he workouts in this book are programmed differently than your typical weight loss book. No more high rep counts and endless cardio—it’s time to try something different, something that works consistently. Most everyone in the gym is training to get leaner and stronger. That’s why these workouts take basic movements and use the most effective and innovative intensity techniques to do just that

Types of Exercises

After programming for the most common workout regimens and fitness goals, combined with the most effective types of movements, the result is five different types of exercises, arranged in such a way as to achieve maximum results.

These exercise types are:

Core Lifts

  1. Assistance Exercises
  2. Hybrid Exercises
  3. Power Exercises
  4. Core Stability and Strength Exercises Core Lifts Core lifts refer to the nine categories of movement that professional athletes and body builders have been using for years to get their perfect bodies. They are:
  5. Squat
  6. Deadlift
  7. Push
  8. Pull
  9. Carry
  10. Rotate
  11. Jump
  12. Throw
  13. Sprint

Core lifts can be improved with years of consistent training and will be the backbone of your training. They are the big, compound, multi-joint movements that burn the most calories and build the most strength.

Assistance Exercises

These exercises are designed to support the core lifts and shore up your weaknesses. They are typically variations of the core lifts, as well as smaller, single joint exercises that cannot be overloaded but which are very effective for building muscle in places a core lift cannot.

Hybrid Exercises

A hybrid exercise combines two complimentary exercises to allow for a fluid transition from one to the next. It requires you to select exercises that require similar loads, but these exercise combos promote body fat loss, making

Power Exercises

These exercises are primarily to improve your explosiveness and speed! For the advanced exerciser, they can be used in fat burn super sets and circuits. In this book, however, the only true power exercise to be found is the Squat Jump, which features in the Tabata Circuits.

Core Stability and Strength Exercises

The foundation to all weight loss programs is a properly designed core stability and strength program. Our focus in this book will be on the four core stability groups: 1. Anterior core stability (also called anti-extension) 2. Posterior core stability (also called anti-flexion) 3. Lateral core stability (also called anti-lateral flexion) 4. Rotary core stability (also called antirotation) Body Fat Loss Protocols

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