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Mistakes You Might Be Making While Handling Pills

You may suffer from depression, or you have a chronic disease like diabetes or cancer.

You may simply suffer from viral fever, continuing for a week.

What do you do in these instances?

You ingest the pills your doctor recommends you because once you ingest the pills in the right amount and follow its schedule, your health proceeds towards recovery.

However, people often don’t like taking pills. This is why Gloup has launched a new oral medication help for those people so that the lubricant can make the pill digestion process easier.

You won’t feel the bitter taste of the pill as it passes down your throat, and the best part is that it is suitable for anyone above the age of 2.

So, find out which mistakes you are making with pills because you better avoid them right away, and start taking care of your health in the best way possible.

#Mistake 1: Forgetting To Take The Pills

One of the predominant mistakes people make while handling pills is they forget to take them every day.

You must remember that the doctor has prescribed you the pill for some reason, and if you don’t take it every day, your health will deteriorate.

Not only every day, but you must also take the pill when your doctor has asked you to.

For example, you may be prescribed a pill in the morning before breakfast. If you forget to take the pill before breakfast and have it after, it will not have the intended impact on your health.

So, put up a sticky note on your fridge, which will remind you to take the pills when you are instructed to.

#Mistake 2: You Make Up Your Own Conclusion Upon Missing A Pill

You forgot to take the pill in the morning, and that’s one thing.

But, it’s a whole another thing where you forget to take the pills at the routined time and make up your own conclusion about the incident.

When you forget to take a pill, the first thing you should do is call your doctor and let him know that you have forgotten to take the pill.

If and only if your doctor asks you to take the pill again, you will take it. But, if he asks you to skip the pill for the day and take it again tomorrow morning, you should adhere to that instruction.

#Mistake 3: Not Informing Your Doctor About Your Medical History

You should not always assume that when you get sick, your doctor will give you some pills, and you will be fit and fine once again.

Well, it’s not about that.

If your doctor is supposed to prescribe you a pill, you better let him know what other pills you take or what other diseases you have.

A good doctor will ask you these questions on his own, but that doesn’t mean you will take advantage of the situation in case he forgets.

He may ask you about some particular ailments, but if you have any other disease apart from those, you should let your doctor know.

Thus, your doctor will only give you those pills that suit your overall health need.

#Mistake 4: You Mix The Pill With Your Food

It often happens when you try to medicate an elderly person or a child, and they refuse to have the medication.

What do you do then?

You mix the pill with their food and make them have it without knowing what they had just now.

While it seems street-smart to adopt this technique, it is actually harmful. You don’t know which pill will cause a reaction with which food, and if the drug-food interaction goes wrong, it will noticeably disrupt their health.

They may form some internal allergic reactions as a result, which could be unfixable even by your doctor.

So, you should always check in with your doctor or a pharmacist before mixing pills with food.

Rectify Your Mistakes!

Once you understand which mistakes you might be making with the pills, you can rectify them and move on.

The ones we have highlighted here are the obvious ones people make, so you better rectify them now.

If you need more info on handling pills, you can ask us right now. We will be happy to get back to you with an answer.

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