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Nutrient Richness Is at the Cornerstone of Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss Stories

I started the George Mateljan Foundation ten years ago with one aim in mind—to help people discover the World’s Healthiest Foods, so they could enjoy better health. This goal guided the creation of our World’s Healthiest Foods website (www.WHFoods.org) and The World’s Healthiest Foods book

During the past 10 years, I have been delighted to receive thousands of letters of gratitude from Readers, who have taken the time to share with me how eating the World’s Healthiest Foods has changed their lives. They have written to tell me that they have experienced greater energy, better sleep, more lustrous hair, clearer skin, enhanced concentration and memory, and many other signs of overall vitality. Others have also shared that eating the World’s Healthiest Foods has helped their cholesterol to drop, their blood pressure to normalize, their blood sugar levels to stabilize, and their headaches to dissipate

Over the years, Readers have shared with me how much they have learned from the WHFoods website and The World’s Healthiest Foods book. Yet, this learning is definitely a two-way street: as Readers have learned from us, we have also learned so much from them. One of the discoveries that I find most exciting has been the recognition of yet another incredibly positive benefit of the World’s Healthiest Foods

One benefit I’ve discovered from eating high-fiber, nutrient-rich World’s Healthiest Foods is that I’m losing about 2 pounds per week without any change in my exercise habits. I don’t feel deprived because I don’t consider myself to be “on a diet.” Thank you again for your outstanding website. Eating the right foods has changed my entire outlook on life. – Mike

The two weeks we have been on your program has proved not only to be nutritious but extremely tasty. Members of my household are for the first time eating fish and not complaining. My partner has lost half a stone in two weeks so would just like to say a very big thank you. – Lara

The World’s Healthiest Foods are possibly the cure to the American problem of obesity. From my own experience, I decided to change my way of eating in the New Year. I was obese—at 5’8.” I was 240 pounds. Now six months later, I have lost 32 pounds and am still losing. I feel and look a lot better. – Astrida

Healthy Weight Loss and Improved Health

its most serious harmful effects result from the fact that excess fat, particularly around the mid-section, greatly increases risk of developing a myriad of other health conditions, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and elevated blood sugar levels. Many Readers have reported that eating World’s Healthiest Foods not only helped them lose weight, but also alleviated weight-related health problems as well

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