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Understanding Veganism

Veganism can be chosen for many reasons. Others may be afraid of animals farmed or exploited. Some may be motivated by environmental issues.


Donald Watson and other founding members of The Vegan Society first established the vegan diet in its 1944 origins. Leslie J Cross, however, was quick to point out the lack of a definition of veganism within the society’s 1944 beginnings. This was later clarified to refer to “to stop the use of animals as food, work, commodities or vivisection, and any other uses that require the exploitation of animal life.” 

The society was officially registered as a charity in August 1964. Later, however, the assets of the society were transferred to another charity. In December 1979, the society became a limited-company. Winter 1988 saw the current definition. The phraseing of veganism has been modified slightly over the years.

Read more about history, practice and philosophy of veganism .

What are vegans eating?

This is a fantastic deal. This is a great deal. There are endless combinations that can be made so you’ll never get bored.

It’s not just about diet

Vegans don’t exploit animals for any reason. Vegans do not exploit animals for any purpose.

Vegan living does not have to be restricted to these areas


To ensure safety for humans, all medicines sold in the UK must currently be tested on animals. The Vegan Society doesn’t recommend you disregard medication that has been prescribed by your doctor. It is important that vegans take care of their health. It also contains ingredient lists.

Medical charities

You might check to see if your chosen charity performs animal testing if you support a medical charity. Many vegans prefer to donate to charities who actively seek alternative methods.


Vegans don’t support animal exploitation. They avoid visiting zoos or aquariums. They avoid horse and dog racing, as well as animal sanctuaries that provide safe and loving homes for animals rescued from exploitation.

Learn more about veganism. Register to the Vegan pledge today. We can all make veganism stronger.

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