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Unienzyme Tablet in English: Usage, Benefits, Uses, Price, Dosage, Side Effects

Unienzyme Tablet contains Charcoal and Papain. It is used to balance digestion. Unienzyme can be used to treat indigestion, flatulence and intestinal gas. It is made up of activated charcoal, papain, and fungal diastase. This helps to flush out all types of toxins from your stomach. We will discuss its side effects, composition, dosage, and uses.

medicine name Unienzyme Tablet
Price of Medicine Rs. Rs.
Pharmaceutical manufacturer Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited
Combination of Drugs/Salt Activated Charcoal (75mg), Fungal Diastase (100mg), Papain (60mg)


Ingredients/Composition of Unienzyme Tablet

Unienzyme Tablets are a combination of three components. Below is the Unienzyme tablet composition.

Activated charcoal (75mg), a fine, odorless black powder that is used to treat stomach-related problems.

Fungal Diastase (100mg – This enzyme catalyzes starch to maltose conversion.

Papain (60mg) – A proteolytic enzyme that is extracted from unripe papaya fruits, papain. It acts as a digestive aid.

Uses / Uses for Unienzyme Tablet

Unienzyme tablets are a medication that is used to treat digestive problems.

It helps in treating digestion

It is useful in treating abdominal gas, hangovers, lowering cholesterol, swelling the throat, and sore throat.

It can also be used to dissolve toxins and medications.

Unienzyme Tablet Dosage and How to Use

Unienzyme Tablets are used to treat human deficiencies. The severity of the condition determines the effectiveness of the drug. The drug works differently depending on the patient’s age, gender, and medical history. Follow the doctor’s instructions regarding the dosage.

Unienzyme, a tablet-based medication, must be taken as directed by your doctor.

Unienzyme Tablets can be taken with water. Take it with a glass of water or after eating, as directed by your doctor.

It is important to remember to take your medication.

Do not change, crush or chew the medicine.

Unienzyme Tablet Side Effects

There are potential side effects to any medicine that is prescribed for any type of medical problem. Side effects can vary from one person to another, so it is important that you consult your doctor before taking any medication or altering the dosage. These are the most frequent side effects of Unienzyme Tablet.

Abdominal pain is a common side effect. Consult a doctor if the pain is severe.

Dark stool – Because it is a digestive medicine, it can cause dark stool.

While taking the medication, patients may experience constipation.

During the treatment, nausea may occur.

Before you start taking the medication, please consult your doctor.

Warnings and Warnings about Unienzyme Tablets

Pregnancy. Unienzyme Tablets should not be consumed during pregnancy. A doctor should be consulted.

Breastfeeding – Please consult your doctor if you have any questions.

Driving – Unienzyme tablets can cause accidents while driving. Please consult your doctor before you take the medication.

Diabetes — Information is not available. Please consult a doctor.

Alcohol – Information is not available. Please consult your doctor.

Liver- Information is not available, please consult your doctor.

Kidney- Information not available, please consult a doctor.

  • Frequently Asked questions about Unienzyme Tablet medication
  • Q. Q. What is the price of Unienzyme tablet medication?
    The cost of a Unienzyme tablet medicine is Rs. 57 for 15 Tables in 1 Strip
  • Q. Q.
    A. Unienzyme tablet medicine consists of Activated Charcoal (75mg), Fungal Diastase (100%), and Papain (60%)
  • Q.Who manufactures Unienzyme tablet medication?
    A. Unienzyme tablet medicine is manufactured by Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Officially, Unienzyme Tablets are manufactured by Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited.
  • Q. Q.
    A. This article will discuss Unienzyme tablets medicine. It includes information about Unienzyme tablet medication, including side effects, uses, and warnings. This article will also include details about other medications similar to Unienzyme tablets medicine.

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