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50 Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen Your Abs, Core, Arms, Back and Legs


Looking for a unique approach to tone up your midsection, butt and back muscles? Look no further than the abdominal wheel! The “wheel” was extremely popular in the 1960s and was first advertised as a tool strictly for abdominal exercise. It lost some of its appeal because people were not using it properly and thought all you needed to melt away your belly fat was five minutes of ab wheel exercises. Of course, they were wrong.

When the ab wheel is used properly, however, it offers a fun and effective way to challenge your core stability as well as tone your upper and lower bodies. Most ab wheel exercise manuals show you how to do a few basic exercises, with the only modifications being to go left and right instead of straight ahead. I’m old enough to have used an ab wheel 50 years ago in my training, and I remember why the ab wheel waned in popularity: because it was boring and onedimensional! My goal with Ab Wheel Workouts was to think outside the box to make training with the ab wheel more interesting.

what is an ab wheel?

The ab wheel is a device that has a wheel with handles protruding from either side of it, allowing you to place your hands on either side of the wheel. While most ab wheels have a single wheel, you can also find some with two wheels, which offer better balance. The design is simple but the results can be fantastic if done in concert with sensible eating and adequate aerobic exercise.

The basic single-or dual-wheel ab wheel with handles is an inexpensive way to find out if you enjoy this type of training. These are so popular that they can be purchased at major drugstores, sporting goods stores and even discount stores for under $10. One advantage is that they’re portable—they can be disassembled to fit in a small box or briefcase. Some ab wheels feature a foot strap, which adds versatility but is not necessary; in most cases, an exercise band wrapped around the foot and handle provides the same support.

benefits of ab wheel training

The ab wheel is just another tool in the fitness toolbox that targets your core, and it does so by challenging your core in an unstable manner. If you’re tired of doing sit-ups, crunches and reverse sit-ups, and are familiar with other floorbased core exercises, you may welcome the ab wheel. Many people who use the ab wheel combine it with traditional core exercises to keep their routine fresh and interesting.

While all approaches are good, the ab wheel offers a slightly different level of core involvement not seen in other coreexercise devices. In addition, depending on the exercise you do, you could also tone your upper or lower body at the same time.

The Core

The torso of the human body is commonly referred to as the “core” because the core of anything is generally the most important element of that thing, whether it’s the core of an apple or the core of a nuclear reactor. Although no one universal definition of what constitutes the “core” exists, it’s often agreed that the core consists of the abdominal muscles in the front, the muscles of the back that run up and down the spine and sometimes the gluteal region.

The abdominal muscles play a significant role in activities of daily living, including walking and sitting. The ab wheel assists you in building a solid infrastructure to hold you up tall. It does this by engaging the numerous muscles around your midsection, as if you’re creating your own corset. Having a strong, stable core is believed to improve posture and enhance the effectiveness of functional and athletic movements. Training the core is more than doing a bunch of sit-ups or crunches; it’s an integrated approach of decreasing muscle imbalances that includes flexibility work and mindful conditioning

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